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The CCA Maze construction is on hold until after May 15th, you-know-what-year. Sometime after May 15th of the same you-know-what-year the maze will be ready once again for general purpose, general public, have-at-it, universe building! I have built several graphics, but as soon as I get a few permanent fixtures in place, I will upload the general architecture, probably on this page.

In the mean time, here is a little lite reading for your enjoyment:

February 15, 2000
Revised: 2/17/2000, 3/21/2001

Cosmic Competitive Advantage (CCA) is provided for your amusement, spiritual edification, and enjoyment. The CCA universe, or maze, and associated stories consist of mostly subjective, eschatological zeitgeist - the study of the political, moral, and cultural period of the so-called "end times." This is not connected with any religion. There is no magic here, no Messiah, and no bs! Just amusing conjecture - for the pure fun of it!

::: Terms :::

Eventuate: To come out finally; result. To come about in the end. Terminate, happen, conclude, end, befall, to take place, to stop at.
Experiential: experimental, empirical, provisional, speculative, hypothetical.
Existential: having always existed, without a beginning or an end, existing eternally.
Melchizedek U: Cosmic universities, such as Melchizedek College of Spiritual Endowment.
Toymaker: Makes toys.
Orientation University (OU): Toymaker's cosmic university.
System X: A planetary system that is used for cosmic experimentation. Administration has blessed us with "Five-In-One:" 1) "Planet X", 2) Lucifer rebellion, 3) Material Son default, 4) a Tabamantia-grade, experimental sphere (Earth), and, 5) highly interactive, relatively rare, hominoid-based life.
Method Y: An eventuated method that creatively optimizes System X-based solar systems into a way to support CCA. In the CCA maze, Method Y also represents team members who have, and put to effective use, the spirit consciousness--the realization of the spirit reality of God, in order to glorify the Universal Father.
CCA: Cosmic Competitive Advantage - Design and build System X, that eventuates experiential Method Y, that continually increases the enjoyment and satisfaction of existential love, raising and redefining the height of God's ultimate satisfaction, Z.
Admin: Cosmic Administration.

::: Translation :::

Successful translation from a System X to morontial status (Vs. a baby warehouse or third density water world, for example) may involve: 1) Mind consciousness--the comprehension of the idea of God, and, 2) Soul consciousness--the realization of the ideal of God, and most often, 3) Personal recognition and respect for the Creator Son of the local universe, and if fortunate enough, 4) Agondonter status.

::: Background :::

It may help to think of CCA as art. For example, think of an imaginary house, community, world, galaxy, or an entirely empty universe. Depending on how good you are, one of these environments will be your cosmic canvas/palette.

Make pretend that after an undergraduate degree at Melchizedek U, Admin authorizes your cosmic resources and anxiously awaits your graduate work's final plans. First: "imagineer" one or more System X projects, and several Method Y assignments. Your spiritized, Council-connected, high density CPUs can run local universe time backward and forward - to make sure that your "Grand plan" works by empirical observation.

Goal: Let your spiritual Neanderthals evolve to where they can discover God's enormous love - before your energy quota expires! However, you can petition the Council for some bioengineering (hybrids/h00.htm), and call in starseeds for assistance. Your tools will include abstract, transcendental, artistic, "multimedia." When you've achieved your quota (made the NUMBERS), you will be given more training and responsibilities.

Technical note: CCA's physical attributes are not complicated, and may be visualized in different ways: palpable models include, 1) box-like model (x, y, z), or, 2) like a bike wheel where there are no spokes until "System X" eventuates a spoke connector on the wheel rim. In an oversimplified example, a genetically superior, Orvonton "Method Y" drops the first spoke to the hub. Then, in counterclockwise direction, "competing" Method Y's begin to attach their remaining superuniverse spokes. After sufficient artificial neural network-like, experiential-existential back propagation, strengthening counterclockwise cycles, and final balancing (training set), the superuniverse CCA teams raise Z's value!

However, how would you describe three dimensions to your two dimensional creatures, 4D to 3D, etc.? It is nonetheless to be represented as a 3 by 7 by 9 maze of rooms.

::: Brotherhood :::

CCA is an imaginary initiative eventuated to increase the tender bonding between us and our System X-based, challenged, far-flung, galactic brotherhood! CCA also represents their interests, which are similar to ours due to the nature and design of CCA. A few of us incarnate as Starseeds on each other's worlds from time to time and so we become "blood brothers," - wear each other's "moccasins" as the saying goes.

With STO support, CCA can be used as tool that may help us be stronger than the individual sum of our disparate contributions - even if just a few people were to use the concept. CCA is intended to become an ambitious, challenging, interactive, gargantuan, creative learning tool to help raise and redefine the height of God's ultimate satisfaction. By unselfish sharing of empirical research, CCA's galactic STO nexus will team far beyond our individual needs, inexorably marching our multifarious galactic systems into the age of light and life!

::: Interactive :::

By working within CCA's spiritual concepts, and truckloads of STO "calls" or prayer, there is a theory that a CCA "universe" or maze has potential to precipitate multi-density, interactive group creativity on a transcendental scale. Just thinking of stories and designs that are supposed to work within a CCA maze's parameters, some of "your" imaginary characters, places, and stories, seem in part to eventuate themselves. There is conjecture too, that this ambience may be due in part, to one's creative-created team mates passing concepts back through the Eternal Son's spirit gravity circuits and on through to you, real time, through a higher density version(s) of your CCA maze. Just theories.

::: Physical :::

CCA's three levels, Prosenona (Z2), Mesene (Z1), and Rhom (Z0), represent the top, middle, and bottom densities, or floors, respectively. Physically, a model of the CCA maze would be able to fit into the palm of your hand, and a full-size version will fit just nicely inside a holoden aboard an ET mothership.

Box version: CCA, for the purposes of third density, is being represented as a physical, "box-like," maze of 189 rooms. By using an imaginary density MUX, however, it can appear to have over 250K rooms.

Pyramid version: By a technique known as multiplexing, all 63 of Rhom's rooms can logically connect to each one of Mesene's rooms (63:1), directly above. In like manner, all 63 of Mesene's high density rooms can logically connect to each one of Prosenona's extremely high density rooms above it, creating the "pyramid-like" illusion-reality of 63 by 63 by 63, or 250,047 rooms in all.

::: Room Designations :::

Musicians should recognize that the Y-axis of every level is identified by the series of ascending notes on a piano music's treble clef: From bottom to top, nine case sensitive row designations are: e, f, g, a, b, c, d, E, and F. Conversely, the X-axis columns are identified by the seven basic colors of the rainbow. From the left to right they are: r, o, y, g, b, i, v (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

Artistic coordinates were implemented in order to replace the traditional Cartesian coordinates with "avionics" that teaches players to think with artistic terms in order to traverse the universe. A common mnemonic for the rainbow is "Roy G. Biv." Musical staff mnemonics include "every good boy does Fine," and "facE" (the lines and spaces on common piano music's upper staff).

To locate a specific density's room, adjust your "flight" instrumentation to use the top to bottom, two letter room coordinate. For multiplexed, CCA pyramids, any room denoted with just two characters belongs to Prosenona. Room designations with four characters are immediately identified as belonging to Mesene. It may help to delineate Z0 (Rhom's) final two letter coordinates. Room "Frev:bg" for example, would be logically located the upper left corner of Prosenona, in the lower right room of Mesene, and finally at the center of Rhom, and physically located at the bottom center of the maze.

::: Short Codes :::

To make paragraphs shorter, easier to read, abbreviated coordinate designations can help. Programmer-types might want to use something similar to program Pascal's "With" logic. For example, if your universe consists of one, full-featured, Rhom maze, then why not encode, or shorten the room designations?

How? If your maze has a large story segment occurring in a mini city, like imaginary CoolTown, and you have an idea where to put it in the multiplexed, CCA "pyramid" universe, tell readers at the beginning of the story that the city's full name/designation is "Frev-CoolTown." Room Frev:bg, in the above example, would thereafter be designated as simply, room "bg," - a little easier to read and understand.

When and if you need to warp off a gazillion light years away to another coordinate in the CCA pyramid universe, re-code you target room. By extending, or shortening this logic you can see that even middle, Mesene layers can make effective use of just two character, Prosenona-prefixed coordinates.

::: Portals :::

CCA portals represent the public/cosmic entrance to superuniverse activities. Counterclockwise, one through seven superuniverse portal coordinates are: bv, db, Ey, cr, ao, fg, and gi, respectively. Orvonton, our seventh superuniverse, is located at coordinate gi. With possible exceptions (the third, sixth, and seventh superuniverse), CCA portal locations do not represent the geographical center of their superuniverse. This is because the ellipsoid-positioned, superuniverse portals were intended to be both horizontally and vertically unique.

When designing with CCA's multiplexed, "pyramid" version, CCA's seven superuniverse portals exist only on Prosenona, (Z2). In which case the entire seven by nine Mesene layer directly below is represented in part, by the single designated Prosenona portal, above. When designing with CCA's non-multiplexed, or "box" version, the seven superuniverse portals exist only on Mesene (Z1). In which case the entire seven by nine Rhom layer directly below is represented in part, by the single Mesene portal above.

::: Stationary Objects :::

Except for extremely high density Prosenona's imaginary, Grand Island's nine central rooms (cy, cg, cb, by, bg, bb, ay, ag, and ab), counterclockwise superuniverse rotation forces constant movement. For simplicity sake, there are no stationary objects in the maze's universes of time and space. Everything moves. Urantian "cosmic" artists can put anything almost anywhere.

::: Navigation :::

Entities who realize the mind consciousness--the comprehension of the idea of God, can eventuate as a colorless point into, and earn the right to exit from any single Rhom "room." More spiritually mature entities who have received the soul consciousness--the realization of the ideal of God, can attempt to spark a new soul into permanence by projecting a colored abscissa (path) to colorless, spiritually infantile entities, so long as they are both on the same musical note (e-F).

Entities that have achieved the spirit consciousness--the realization of the spirit reality of God, can project a musical ordinate to form a path to spiritually philistine entities, so long as they are both on the same color. Instructor entities with this translated level of spiritual maturity incarnate on earth periodically, projecting "artistic" paths to the more spiritually astute. For example, entities of this caliber in the imaginary xeno stories include: Snowy Plover, Alana Willet, Phoebe, and after OU' STS101 and TQ401 training, Sargent Rex, obstreperous Bully Willet, and Gole M. Nudnick.

::: High Grade Entities :::

Pure spirit entities that have "estates" on the Grand Island in extremely high density Prosenona, include imaginary characters such as: Toymaker (Bugmaker), Princess Laetitia (Jennifer) and her mother, Ms. Plover, and others. Other Prosenona-grade entities include way-cool Pseth, and mysterious Newton, although these imaginary spirit personalities are usually heavily involved with cosmic assignments. Many of their OU projects are currently underway in Mesene with classrooms in both Mesene and Rhom.

Pure spirit entities can project transcendental Z2 (Prosenona) through Z0 (Rhom) paths through both time and space and all throughout the three levels with nearly incomprehensible love, spiritual insight, and well-nigh perfect, glorious control! The Grand Island residents have jurisdiction over all aspects of the CCA maze, including it's design.

::: Examples :::

Some new xenoclastic stories are being prepared to wind into the above paradigm. The first story, nearly assembled, will be ready for detailed rhetorical analysis shortly. I try to add new characters as I go. But in any case, have at 'em. I would suggest however, that some of you take a little time to create your own new cast of unique characters, as the creativity part of your work increases your overall enjoyment enormously.

::: Caveat :::

CCA's potential widespread use is encouraged. The intent here of course is to discover creative ways to glorify the Universal Father. However, CCA comes with positively no guarantee. Use CCA's maze at your own risk! This caveat is gingerly offered, because CCA was meant from it's beginning to let God's love be manifest supreme in all the Earth.

::: CCA: Why? :::

Take time away from your Nintendo championship? Borrow a few minutes per day from you hydroponics garden? Take a little time each week away from your kids? Sheeeesh!

As a child, I delivered newspapers close to my neighborhood for just peanuts per week! Most kids I knew made a heck of a lot more - two or three times as much! I even had to spend extra every week or so just for rubber bands! Anyhow, I didn't deliver them all that long! The last batch of the Sunday papers I didn't even bother to deliver. I forget what the excuse was. Anyway, sorry.

Once you share a few of your first good stories, you should have your answer - for the fun of it!

- May the Force be with you!

"The domains of philosophy and art intervene between the nonreligious and the religious activities of the human self. Through art and philosophy the material minded man is inveigled into the contemplation of the spiritual realities and universe values of eternal meanings." (UB 5:4)

Q: Where do you get this stuff?
A: Not sure.