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Definitions: 1) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 2) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; UB 149:6, 3) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; call/c24.htm; UB 53:1; Isaiah 14:12-15.

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Am I the only one who has a problem believing the biblical "pillar of salt" story (myths/m02; Genesis 19:26), or Earth being made in six days dogma (UB 74:8; Genesis 2:2-3)? For warm-blooded vertebrates with a positive I.Q, were humans really born sinners (UB 89:4; call/c18.htm), and did the "rod" of God (Exodus 4:20) turn water into blood (poleshft/p37.htm; Exodus 7:20)? Is there yet another explanation for these extraordinary events?

For example, did ancient Egyptian, Chinese (worlds/w60.htm), Babylonian, Mayan (worlds/w39.htm; Jeremiah 34:3), Incan, and Martian (worlds/w09.htm; UB 49:2) gods all have a common ancestry (worlds/w04.htm, worlds/w20.htm, worlds/w67.htm)? And did the hunter or the hunted win the Sphinx contest (worlds/w35.htm)?

Were Roman soldier's uniforms inspired by the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus (worlds/w64.htm; UB 98:1)? Did ancient Annunaki use Tetrahedral communication structures on Mars and Earth's moon (worlds/w27.htm)? Were Easter Island heads and the Great Pyramids (myths/m46.htm) built by same builder (worlds/w36.htm; UB 78:5) for the same navigational purpose (worlds/w02.htm)?

::: Untold Jewish History :::

Just what kind of "angelic" torchlight was Moses using (transfor/t40.htm; Exodus 13:21-22), and was his rod responsible for the parting of the Red Sea (poleshft/p123.htm)? Did the Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:10-21) serve as storage for holy items (Hebrews 9:4)? Or, was the "ark of Yahweh" (UB 97:9) really an ancient transmitter for members (myths/m34.htm, Exodus 25:22) from outer Monmatia (UB 57:5)! Was King David's lineage from ETs (myths/m57.htm)? Did young David satisfy his hatred for their domination (1 Samuel 17:49-53, myths/m57.htm; UB 70:1) by zapping Goliath?

Were happy Shinars of Babel building a community ziggurat, or missile silo! And did sudden disparate languages cause ancients to scatter (myths/m10.htm, Gen.11:2-4; UB 77:3), or did suspiciously tall supervisors from Wormwood force interloping, early JPL rocket scientist wannabees to separate (Rev. 8:11; awaken/a25.htm)?

Is STS fondness for both men and animals benignant (Lev.18:22-23), and/or was Sodom and Gomorra's so-called "fire and brimstone" their atomic reward (myths/m02.htm, Gen.19:24-25; UB 93:6)?

Are superhumans recording this portion of Urantia history across multiple densities (density/d00.htm)? If so, then how will future Ascension historians list your contribution?

  • Boat building (poleshft/p43.htm)
  • Water sports aficionado (density/d47.htm)
  • Being waited on (transfor/t101.htm)
  • Cosmic hitchhiker (worlds/w49.htm), or ..
  • Campground volunteer (thub00.htm; UB 31:3)?
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To probe further: transfor/t80.htm, UB 31:3; Matthew 22:37-39, "The ancient Mesopotamian ration system", Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Gelf, I.J., 1965, p.230-243; John 8:51; transfor/t85.htm; Joel 2:31-32; "606" - Earth (606 of 24) is No. 606 of Satania (24 of 70) is No. 24 of Norlatiadek, - Satania's headquarters is Jerusem; Norlatiadek (70 of 84) is No. 70 of Nebadon - Norlatiadek's headquarters is Edentia; density/d17.htm; Rev. 3:10; transfor/t85.htm; "Studies in The Instructions of King Amenemhet I For His Son", Goedicke, Hans, San Antonio, 1988; transfor/t99.htm; "Out of the Past: An Introduction to Archaeology", David L. Webster, Susan T. Evans, William T. Sanders. Mayfield Publishing, 1992; govmt/g126.htm; UB 57:5; poleshft/p28.htm; "The Code of Kings: The Language of Seven Sacred Maya Temples and Tombs", Linda Schele, Peter Matthew's, Justin Kerr, MacDuff Everton.Scribner, 1998. and free, online short stories from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2001.

Wake Up! (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; orientat/o01.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm, 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; 3) density: density/d00.htm; 4) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 5) Meaning of Life: Matthew 22:37-39; UB 130:4; for third density - transfor/t25.htm.

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::: Earth's Awakening :::

Wake up, Bubba!What the hell's THAT all about? Wake up - when you're already awake?

Is there a way to examine the realness of your environment (transfor/t38.htm)? Are 4th density entities awake? Can a shadow comprehend its creator, or a dream the dreamer (UB 1:6)? Is it possible for 3rd-density measuring devices to measure 4th density consciousness (visitatn/v55.htm)? Does one wake up after they've made their orientation decision (orientat/o39.htm)?

Were you formerly awake in a higher density somewhere (teams/tteam11p.htm; John 8:23)? Shouldn't you, like, remember it (orientat/o03.htm; myths/m20.htm)? Earth's Awakening, "cannot proceed too fast, so as to tilt the spiritual orientation mix toward the STS. Fear and anxiety so tilt this mix, as the fearful and anxious seldom think of others, so the Awakening is paced so as not to heighten these emotions" (rules/r25.htm - Pace of Change).

Can birthing envoys affect consciousness (orientat/o33.htm)? Are they (beinghum/b20.htm) interviewing discarnate entities for hybrid (hybrids/h02.htm, Isaiah 65:22, hybrids/h10.htm) placement? Do birthing envoys prepare souls for disparate (transfor/t66.htm; transfor/t06.htm) realities? Who prepares the STS soul for a trip to Nightmare warehouse (worlds/w49.htm, UB 53:1; Luke 16:24-28)?

Could you be better off than you are? For example, does consciousness of moral duty and spiritual idealism represent your present reality (UB Foreword)? If that is true, could consciousness be proportional to reality (UB 1:6)? Is it possible for terrestrials to graduate from the mind consciousness of God - reality, to a soul realization of the ideal of God (UB 5:5l UB 103:6) reality? How?

How many dream states are there? If you're not dreaming (transfor/t32.htm), and your dream doesn't dissipate (transfor/t09.htm), could you wake up in a water-based (density/d47.htm) dream, er, environment? Perhaps - by thinking for ourselves, we'll discover new paradigms for spiritual progressiveness in an attempt to show ETs that we're not quite the dreaming, unconscionable lower life forms (govmt/g122.htm) that our genetic Over-Lords make us out to be!

Swinging on a starIs the goal of your consciousness to swing on a star (UB 108:6) - or carry moonbeams home in a jar (thub00.htm; UB 31:3)? By being tenacious, resourceful, and creative - following your heart - won't your dreams eventually materialize (Matthew 21:22; http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t05.htm)?

To Probe Further: UB Foreword V; science/s43.htm; myths/m25.htm; UB 110:6; visitatn/v20.htm; myths/m28.htm; Institute of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA 94952; hybrids/h33.htm; UB 48:6; govmt/g126.htm; and free, online edutainment from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2001.

Cosmic Apartments (back to top)

::: Heaven, Hell, or Under The Sea? :::

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Other: (STO) awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm, 2) STO those-who-mourn: genetic engineers; awaken/a02.htm; Psalms 103:20, 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 4) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; call/c24.htm; Isaiah 14:12-15, 5) Hybrid: hybrids/h02.htm; Isaiah 65:22; hybrids/h33.htm, 6) density: density/d00.htm, 7) 606 of 24: UB:43.

Please copy and paste the base url included below, along with partial links into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: 2001's Spring Hybrid Catalog! :::

All new, advanced, sleek, hybrid container upgrade styles are being rushed to showrooms in your area (hybrids/h10.htm)! Superior intelligence, great sex drive, telepathic abilities, long life, etc.! Coincidentally (hybrids/h12.htm), our inferior, poisoned, obsolete (science/s24.htm), SELF-infested ones may be evicted from Earth (hybrids/h19.htm) to prepare for new models!

::: Belief Systems :::

Dr. Pith E. CanthropusWill Dr. Pith E. Canthropus' Neanderthal, brain-washing, blood-thirsty (II Chronicles 29:22; UB 125:2) religious organizations allow you to think for yourself - what are your options? Will newly discarnate STO humans want or get the opportunity to incarnate (beinghum/b20.htm) into hybrids, or will you be hauled off by lying (John 8:44), cheating, and stealing STS ETs (govmt/g56.htm) dead or alive to Your Worst Nightmare to incarnate into a babe in one of the galactic baby warehouses (worlds/w49.htm, Luke 16:24-28)?

::: Spiritual Transitions :::

MOM: Do humans die only ONCE (Heb. 9:27) and go/return to a higher density (myths/m01.htm), or will the spiritually bovine win FREE championship swimming lessons at the exclusive, Under-the-Sea Olympic Resort in balmy (and romantic) Cephalapoda Octopoda World (density/d47.htm)?

After our move to 4th density, will "Heaven" still begin on 24 of 70's, er, Satania's mansion worlds? Hmmm. In the past, when souls departed 3rd density terrestrial environments, did 4th density begin on mansion world number one? If true, will the early series of mansion worlds be reassigned to finaliters as 606 of 24 (Earth) transitions into 4th density (UB 47; UB 31:3)?

Did the personification of the 611,121 original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son - Jesus - request to be incarnated into a human container (John 8:42; UB 119:7) from another realm/density (John 18:36, myths/m20.htm, John 8:23)?

What do you think? Do ETs believe in Hell (call/c19)? Is a soul forever (density/d26.htm, UB 2:3; Luke 20:35-36)?

::: What To Do? :::

Telephone (call/c00.htm) a Pleiadean, Lyran, or Nordic (visitatn/v16.htm)? Hitchhike the galaxy (awaken/a10.htm)? Think about others 50 percent of the time ( http://www.zetatalk.com/transfor/t99.htm ), pray (John 3:16; Romans 10:9-10), meditate (call/c21.htm; Romans 10:13; call/c46.htm), or seek Cosmic Royal Authority (Matthew 28:18, John 10:27-29, John 4:23-24)?!
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See also: 606 of 24 (Earth), and 24 of 70 (Satania): UB: 43; worlds/w25.htm; 33:1; thub00.htm; transfor/t09.htm; UB 63:6; density/d17.htm; Isaiah 55:9; hybrids/h00.htm; transfor/t98.htm; transfor/t101.htm; UB 141:4; transfor/t25.htm; govmt/g126.htm; and free, online edutainment from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2001.

Tax Breaks Proposal (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm 2) those-who-mourn: STO genetic engineers; awaken/a02.htm; 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 4) Assumptions: a) Tax refunds to be allowed for plans A - C as shown below, that allow maximum opportunities for the intended recipients, and, b) Internet-only announcement, 5) Hybrids: hybrids/h00.htm, 6) Please copy and paste the base url included below, along with partial links, into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Tabamantia's Lab! :::

Getting started with Spring Party SafariThose-who-mourn, after eons a frickin' experiments (UB 49:5), miraculously engineered a sophisticated, sleek, new model human container (hybrids/h02.htm, Isaiah 65:22, hybrids/h33.htm)! Coincidentally (hybrids/h12.htm), our inferior, self-infested ones (UB 63; science/s24.htm, UB 34:7) may get hauled away (worlds/w49.htm, hybrids/h19.htm)! Don't put your farm up for sale, but it might not be a bad idea to buy a family campground map and pack a toothbrush (info/tinfo01.htm) - just in case the weather turns sour!

Well, praise God! All this time we were waiting fer government to get a clue, world's elite figured out how to logon to Usenet (govmt/g72.htm)!! During last week's TV special, "Global Warming - A Closer Look," guest 50 Minutes show host Weener Brothers President Meoff blamed unusually large volume of alt.alien.research activity as the probable reason contract negotiations with Associated Cartoonists broke off (transfor/t72.htm)!

Code-Red worm-hacked Usenet log activity strongly suggested to Meoff that out-of-control, terrestrial elite were aghast! Reason? Multimillion-dollar sales of "Global Warming Generated From Earth's Core Heating Up" ads were making it impossible for Weener Bros. to honor contracts connected with Associated's "Warming Due To Heat Coming Through Huge Holes in the Ozone Layer" cartoons (transfor/t53.htm)! "If you could just be a fly on the wall," reporters overheard Jack quip during a commercial break, "..they're all talking about it!"

::: Not to Worry! :::

STS AssistanceWhy not have world governments create tax assistance programs for all STO organizations that promote individual and group safety (nonproft/home0069.htm) from possible nasty weather? A few (tax specialists could dream up even better) suggestions? Ok:

Plan A: 3X Group Support. Group of 100 (for example) allow survival capacity for 300 or more! This plan should include a complete write-off for all expenses.

Plan B: 2X Group Support: Group of 100 allows survival plans for 200. This plan should include 80% write-off for all expenses.

Plan C: Family Support: Individual or family survival camps with no extra supplies: 60% write off.

3X Group SupportWould choosing "Plan A, 3X Group Support" or a variation be superior? What plan (or plans) will be the most successful way to affect an increase in Earth's STO (Service-to-Others) percentages? How about starting out with a $300 tax rebate for everybody?

::: Caring In Advance For Others :::

Suppose only a smaller percentage of the world's population really cares about the unusual weather we're having (transfor/t97.htm, poleshft/p02.htm). In that case, then governments don't even have to worry about paying Medicare and Social Security-like payments to the incredulous majority of folks that just may not be, or do not want to be around to collect (density/d17.htm, transfor/t80.htm, orientat/o39.htm, transfor/t07.htm)! And finally, will most of the world's population even notice anything unusual up until (transfor/t97.htm) Earth's rotation stops?

See also: http://www.zetatalk.com/info/tinfo054.htm transfor/t10.htm; UB 43; govmt/g126.htm; 1 John 4:18; Rev. 3:10; rules/r27.htm; John 8:51; thub00.htm; UB 31:3; transfor/t99.htm; transfor/t15.htm; Dr. Casmera Egret, "Humans Should Not Have To Eat Bugs", Puff Tiddy Press, Ltd., pp. 150-192, 1992; poleshft/p116.htm; and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2001

Managing Expectations (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 2) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; UB 149:6, 3) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; call/c24.htm; UB 53:1; Isaiah 14:12-15.

Please copy the base URL included in the post below along with all partial links into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Managing Expectations :::

Has paranormal awareness "management," dissembling, and media control perseverated into the quicksand of world wariness? We've come a long way from Usenet's pre-Y2K, ET crock, sure (thub00.htm). However, do ET ng posts still sound alike, even after all these months? And can we do better?

Yeah, baby!A few geeks that control mainline media are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel - some already have! But are many of the mainline media editors and controllers still (choose one):

1. Clueless,
2. Controlled by Peter in the Poop department, or .
3. Mercilessly understaffed in the Cosmic Consciousness department?

Classmates, we're being inventoried, tagged, and counted in advance - nothing new (rules/r19.htm). Are we also being sorted out according to some recondite cosmic algorithm, so as to make our Hour more manageable (transfor/t55.htm)? However, are we in like manner counting in advance, mentally stereotyping, and lowering overall Ascension expectations? Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Are we making mental prearrangements for first time around entities (orientat/o03.htm) to dissipate like a parakeet soul (transfor/t09.htm), encouraging fringe souls into adjacent orientation buckets?

Are we acquiescing to today's controlled, prosaic mainline media behavior and didactic, eschatological probabilities (religious bs)?

Is cosmic efficiency an issue? Hmmm. And what the hell can we do about it? Should we use today's lame orientation projections to extrapolate successfully reaching the masses (density/d11.htm)? Is there basis for higher ROI expectations from Earth's current ascension - for both STS and STO?

Specifically, should we be using stormy weather statistics, and accepting mind numbing ET rhetoric to manage expectations? For example, Usenet readers are pondering frank ET predictions, where stormy weather:

"..will savage incarnated humans of both orientations, sparing no one. Where those humans operating solidly in the Service-to-Other orientation will be offered a temporary lift, few have accepted this offer, choosing instead to stay with those they feel a sense of responsibility toward.." (rules/r35.htm)

And predictions about ET's all time favorite, government-long-gone-to-hell:

"..a basic avoidance of responsibility on most fronts. This would occur if starvation and imminent disaster were so overwhelming that those in government sticking to their posts were unable to offer any hope whatsoever, and those in responsibility for planning and operations had run for the hills, avoiding their responsibility.." (govmt/g122.htm)

Or, worse:

"..Stressful times will not create heroes, it will create slamming doors. Simply stated, if any are looking to the governments to rescue them, and move close to government operations in the hopes this will occur, they will not only be disappointed, they will become slaves or worse at the hands of those determined to remain in control during the Aftertime.." (transfor/t101.htm)

::: Media Nonfeasance? :::

ScienceCan we perform best without spiritual synergy? More to the point, can borderline entities achieve their highest potential in today's highly scientific, anti-paranormal environment? Could we be corrupting borderline spiritual growth of almost orientated souls, in a chain reaction? Will many of these almost orientated souls need additional, unnecessary lifetimes in lower density? Can almost orientated souls achieve more progressive spiritual growth with a modicum of media creativity in this lifetime without cutting school (orientat/o39.htm)?

Do we encourage entities to assume that life as an octopus (density/d47.htm), reptilian (worlds/w10.htm), or hybrid (hybrids/h00.htm) is the preferred way out? Are we reaching folks without Internet connects with the right message?

Turn TV into a ISP-connected PC? Let 'em dissipate? What to do?

Are streetwise enlightened scripts - or the lack thereof - part of recent actor/producer differences? Are movies, Usenet, and mainline media talking to intellect - or the spirit of man?

More to the point - are we losing focus of what media portals should be encouraging - from the same, frank ET articles (transfor/t101.htm)?

".. the spiritual aspects of survival and life during troubling times is more important than any physical comfort. Look to those around you, for the sense of peace and acceptance they may have in place of desperation and panic. Look to those you are responsible for, to see how you can make their transition - to the Aftertime or their next incarnation - done with a sense of teamwork and caring. Look to a simple existence, with a minimum of comforts, during any transition, rather than demanding a high tech existence or special attention. These attitudes, and this caring orientation, will ensure you more than any actions you might otherwise take, in arriving at a place where personal comforts and security will once again be an everyday assumption.."

"Thinking for yourself" enlightenment may come from a surprising variety of sources:

"..it is only by making your appeal to the spirit which lives within the human mind that you can hope to achieve lasting success and accomplish those marvelous transformations of human character that are presently shown in the abundant yielding of the genuine fruits of the spirit in the daily lives of all who are thus delivered from the darkness of doubt by the birth of the spirit into the light of faith.." (UB 152:6)

::: Just Say No to Mind Control! :::

Are owners and controllers of static mass media going to wake up to dynamic, cosmic truth? Should we wait for 'em? Or, can we take comfort knowing that cosmic consciousness cannot be manipulated, spindled, or controlled by terrestrial government? What legacy are you leaving behind for the "chief of ten million" inhabited world's Ascension (UB 119:8)?

Artist"..humans have begun an endless unfolding of an almost infinite panorama, a limitless expanding of never-ending, ever-widening spheres of opportunity for exhilarating service, matchless adventure, sublime uncertainty, and boundless attainment .." (UB 108:6)

"..What a mistake to dream of God far off in the skies when the spirit of the Universal Father lives within your own mind!" (UB 5:2)

Carry on, artists (transfor/t05.htm)!
- - - - -

See also: UB 44; http://www.zetatalk.com/teams/tteam01.htm; John 8:51; teams/tteam26g.htm; UB 31:10; transfor/t35.htm; teams/tteam26h.htm; UB 180:5; transfor/t90.htm; govmt/g126.htm; and free, online edutainment from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2001.

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