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Challenge (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; orientat/o01.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm, 2) those-who-mourn: STO genetic engineers; awaken/a02.htm; Psalms 103:20, 3) Global warming: Rev. 6:12-14; poleshft/p00.htm, 4) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm, 5) Meaning of third density life: transfor/t25.htm; Matthew 22:37-39, 6) Local Admin: transfor/t10.htm; Urantia Book (UB) 15:10-13; rules/r20.htm; 7) STS ETs: call/c24.htm; Isaiah 14:12-15; UB 53:1-8, 8) Please copy and paste the base URL included below, along with partial links into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!
- - - - -

Whoever doesn't make it thru 606 of 24's (UB 49) next 3,600 year, Sumerian cycle will have already been toasted - from glowin' hangovers, trauma, radioactivity, starvation (Rev. 6: 2-11), huddled together near old bones an' a broken ol' ham radio in a stinky ol' basement in a bombed out building! YOU'RE GONNA DIE! Crawl into the nearest corner now, and make your peace!

Truth? - or nonsense from frickin' Pulpits a Hell (UB 139:4; transfor/t19.htm; Rev 3:10; call/c23; John 8:51, etc.)?

STS? - who, me?Bubba: Is there a reality-/paradigm-shifting difference between fear and faith? Ever wonder why superhuman Urantia Book authors won't corroborate the full truth about hell (UB 95:6), former lives (UB 164:3), or "STS" Ambassadors (UB 53:8)??

And if saucer-/mind-controlled those-who-mourn are forbidden by the Council's Rules of Engagement (rules/r16.htm; rules/r07.htm; rules/r03.htm) from telling us too much too soon - do any you who can think for yourself think that our terrestrial government's going to be able to explain everything (transfor/t102.htm)?

After having been LIED to (rules/r27.htm) stuck-it-to, boog-a-loo'd, big time (govmt/g57.htm), repeatedly, using matter/antimatter magnium crystal controlled, ET collision detection-equipped, kryptonite-hardened, back-mounted Acme hand rails, the more spiritually astute in high places KNOW (and have the T-shirt - with holes in it from) this lyin' piece a you-know-what (John 8:44)!

Scanning ..Ya know, that dirty dog the Devil (UB 53:1) and his horned toad minions (e.g., High Commander Gole M. Nudnick, Sargent Rex) sleaze around, desperately trying to zero in on self-serving brain waves with moon-manufactured (govmt/g13.htm), ET palmtops (call/c39)!

STS "Ambassadors" - demons - try to force any hapless, spiritually immature Homo sapiens they can scrounge up to FEAR-FEAR-FEAR! You're not fearful now, are you?

Wake up Charlie Brown - er get the f* outa Dodge (density/d47.htm, call/c10.htm; rules/r07.htm)!


Get a f* clue (call/c09.htm)! However, if you're doing long hours at the office, long overdue for a low-cost (free) vacation, then why not order (call/c00.htm) Sargent Rex's FREE SPACE FLIGHT TICKETS to a galactic baby warehouse (worlds/w49.htm) TODAY! Locations near YOU (UB 32)!! Open 24-hours! Free games for kids too (rules/r39.htm)!

Did establishment's soreass, erudite insiders finally learn that third-density bribes experience "transporter malfunction" during density-shift to Lanaforge's bank accounts (UB 45:2; govmt/g81.htm)? Tsk, tsk, tsk ..

::: Party Hardy! :::

Some of us learned the hard way a few years ago (govmt/g22.htm; Isaiah 54:17; call/c10.htm) - and now more than ever wanna make up fer lost time! Party Hardy (maximize ROI from their stocks and investments), right up until, and if, Earth's rotation stops! Hmmmmmm??

"Pole shift" benefits, Brian?Well, praise God! Assuming tacit cooperation without unnecessary consternation, as we approach hostile weather (global warming), astute companies planning lucrative business ventures in the "Aftertime" (beginning time) will have to get their shit together and inform employees (customers, and suppliers too?) about their new and improved, superior "benefits."

::: Employee-sponsored family vacation package? :::

Spring Party Safari? Department offer to "vacation" together with you and yours? Church Spring Picnic? How about a company "Family Camping ?" - what to eat, what to eat long term, take a map, save seed, etc. Many groups - including self-employed, unemployed, deadbeats, etc., can pool resources - even exchange recipes (food/tfood01.htm)!

::: Think your executive management is stupid? :::

They have Usenet connects??? Stockholder-worshiping business owners and CEOs with an I.Q. above -400 realize that if they don't satisfy Usenet-lurkin', web-surfin', "underground" educated STO, they may not have any employees (poleshft/p02.htm)! Especially if 606's move to 4th density does not happen first (density/d40.htm)! Most companies with no employees = NO COMPANY!

Hence wise companies are perusing plans to build way cool, reinforced, self-sufficient (hydroponics, medical, etc.), STO-orientated, domed company campuses spread out over various worldwide locations (info/tinfo054.htm). A little research (orientat/o14.htm), careful cooperation and planning (thub00.htm; UB 31:3) should provide tax write-offs, and maximum fun for owners, managers, and employees too. Even I wrote a dome spec in my company's "Disaster Recovery" plan!

Did a few warriors of the heart recently discover that those-who-mourn's peppered history was worse than ours (awaken/a02.htm). While I'm standing on my soapbox here in my little corner in So. California, when was the last time you upper-density types reincarnated in human form prayed for our superhuman helpers (kickass Nordics, Pleadians, twm, etc.)?

Would not the Earth's educated, given an equal amount of time and spiritual maturity, be superior scientists and engineers? Will Homo sapiens be 4th Density ETs, plantin' infestations of genetically-enhanced HUMANS, similarly to those-who-mourn pilgrims planting savy hybrids (hybrids/h02.htm; Isaiah 65:22; hybrids/h33.htm)?

Finally, should/could/would STS/STO spiritually educated Homo sapiens demonstrate to the satisfaction of our Council (rules/r16.htm; govmt/g81.htm) that humans are truly a mature race (call/c22.htm; rules/r21.htm; call/c23.htm)? And could Earth's Council reps respectfully seek Council quid pro quo to be equally reasonable with the physics of Bowser's comet-like pass-by (when the situation merited it - of course)?

When WILL Earth achieve d17's 89% STO test? Will waking up early and making our deliverables (there have been MANY) on time expedite things a wee bit?

What part can we do now, at work, school, home - to prove to Admin that spiritually-enlightened, genetically-enhanced Earthlings would not also be better STO, 4th density genetic engineers (Luke 16:8) than any ETs that have genetically upgraded Earthlings in the past?

A little lite reading (hybrids/h13; hybrids/h33.htm) reveals that those-who-mourn had 8 and 1/2 times Human history for cryin' out loud! An' STILL can't genetically engineer a full head a hair (you get what you pay for)! Let's show ETs what we can do with eons a religious brain-washin', few cases ol' No. 7 - an' 993,475 years (UB 62:7) ..

Classmates: what are we waiting for - a sign (Daniel 5; thub.htm; UB 31:3)?

- - - - - - -
To probe further: , transfor/t55.htm, Joel 2:31-32, poleshft/p32.htm; density/d00.htm; transfor/o39.htm; transfor/t07.htm; govmt/g126.htm; transfor/t99.htm; and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

"..Urantia is comparatively isolated on the outskirts of Satania, your solar system, with one exception, being the farthest removed from Jerusem, while Satania itself is next to the outermost system of Norlatiadek, and this constellation is now traversing the outer fringe of Nebadon. You were truly among the least of all creation until Michael's bestowal elevated your planet to a position of honor and great universe interest. Sometimes the last is first, while truly the least becomes greatest.." (UB 41:10)

Lessons Learned (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others: STO; awaken/a15.htm; orientat/o01.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm, 2) those-who-mourn: STO genetic engineers; awaken/a02.htm; Psalms 103:20, 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format, 4) Local Administration: UB 15:10-13; rules/r20.htm; govmt/g22.htm, 5) Service-to-Self: STS; rules/r04.htm, 6) STS ETs: call/c24.htm; Isaiah 14:12-15, 7) Stormy weather: thub.htm; Rev. 6:12-14, 8) Meaning of 3rd density life: transfor/t25.htm; Matthew 22:37-39, 9) Please copy and paste the base URL, located below, along with partial links into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: The Year of UFO Awareness :::

Huge earthquakes off the coast of Sumatra; governments, the Vatican, and astronauts admitting to the presence of ETs (theword/tword072.htm); weather changes, the Ascension, survival groups? And now: scientists openly discussing the existence of the paranormal - what the hell?!?

Let's examine these issues and see if we can derive lessons learned from anything in our present or distant past in order to come up with workable survival plans, specifically:

a) Upcoming stormy weather, and,
b) Convincing our terrestrial-based establishment that we already know that they know that we know all about our distinguished galactic brotherhood (rules/r20.htm; UB 12:7; worlds/w15.htm)!

::: No More Quarantine?!? :::

Could our terrestrial-based establishment, prior to being replaced or re-educated (hopefully) by our God-fearing Planetary Prince (UB 15:2) by Salvington (UB 15:7), give those-who-mourn (1 Corinthians 6:3) nicer lebensraum for putting in a good word for us at the Council? Perhaps Earthlings of the 21st century will learn about (and forgive) the ancient hominoids from the approaching 12th planet (Genesis 6:2-4) for trying to enslave us! Is that any worst than being enslaved by our current elite? Can't we choose our masters? Will the Council soon discover that the current quarantine (poleshft/p41.htm) is unnecessary?

Doesn't Admin know that many are already happily enslaved - to a job, mortgage, spouse, credit cards, and to Christian Religion Network's Dr. Pith E. Canthropus for pre-trib rapture tickets (myths/m33.htm; awaken/a53.htm)!?

::: Orbit Motel? :::

If we can't build a Mars get-a-way (govmt/g81.htm), then why not some other planetary orbital haven (UB 15:6)? After all, them is Us! Would not our current terrestrial-based establishment be useful for the inexorable One World authority sooner or later (Isaiah 9:6; transfor/t16.htm)? No?

POW camps, eh?What if the STS part of Earth's terrestrial-based establishment offers to setup underground safe areas by using a STO cushion? What if we re-allocate funds from the Council-verboten, Mars Casino and Hotel (govmt/g81.htm), and re-allocate resources from signally ludicrous POW camps (theword/tword25b.htm)? Can we take the combined savings and buy stormy weather survival dome protection for every man woman and child (govmt/g85.htm)?

In an effort to aggrandize the more promising aspects of the Awakening, would it not be a wise idea to use lessons learned from the last pole shift - the Jewish Exodus (poleshft/p80.htm, poleshft/p99.htm)? Why not examine the recent, historical conjecture?

::: Exodus :::

Burning bush???Moses, an outstanding religious genius of the post-Melchizedek era (UB 92:5) was a leader of the ancient Hebrews. He brought them out of Egypt in the so-called Exodus (c.1650 BC?), mediated the covenant between them and "Yahweh" at Sinai, and he guided them through the desert to the borders of Canaan.

What was this man like? Where is he now (UB 45:4; UB 114:2)? Did Moses speak to an angel in a burning bush, or was it just an entity of light (Exodus 3:2; call/c25.htm)? And seriously, was it iron from Planet X's tail or was Moses responsible for turning the water into "blood" (poleshft/p60.htm; Exodus 7:20; poleshft/p37.htm)?

And where did that waxy carbohydrate condensate really (Exodus 16:1-5; poleshft/p70.htm) come from? Did visitors from the 12th planet design the golden (er, electronics for the), sacrosanct Ark of the Covenant (Exodus 25:22; myths/m34.htm; UB 97:9)? And just Who or What was that pillar of cloud that separated Israel and the Egyptians (Exodus 14:20, 25)? And holy comic books - what's this (UB 97:8-10)?

::: Opportunity in Disguise? :::

Are there palpable action issues to derive from any of this? Was there an Awakening back then like today (rules/r25.htm)? Could Planet X (govmt/g02.htm) represent opportunity to reach the world's STO? Or does it represent slavery (rules/r31.htm; awaken/a53.htm)? Was advance warning from ancient ETs and angels similar to today's assistance from STO ETs such as those-who-mourn? And does Israel represent those of us who will be awakened?

Perhaps the Red Sea could represent widespread hypocrisy? If so, does the parting of the Red Sea, in a manner of speaking, represent the auspicious potential mechanics of our terrestrial government's openness? And could Moses represent today's tyrannosaurus chompin', high-octane, devil stompin', cosmic-fueled, ass-kickin' STOs who are helping the masses through the Awakening? What about making a dichotomy between, a) government openness, and, b) action issues?

::: STO Restitution :::

Using an upside "U," would the acknowledgment of, forgiveness, and extenuation for our reprehensible past plow a durable enough path:

  • UP - though the jungle of hypocrisy,
  • OVER - government mountain and,
  • DOWN - the concomitant Interstate of STO restitution?Back to jail, bud!

UB 71:6 - The Profit MotiveFor example, do troglites in Gangland excuse their burglary by the nefarious land lords, above, who excuse their roach-infested, sleazy, drug-lord, slum housing by the iniquitous financial barons (transfor/t12.htm) above them, who excuse their bourgeoisie scandals by our culpable elite (beinghum/b02.htm), who excuse their narcissistic munificence (govmt/g81.htm) by America's all-time favorite, Rodeo Bill E. Boy! And is his inexorable libido extenuated by nocturnal visits from that voluptuous Sugarplum Fairy (govmt/g56.htm; UB 53:7; call/c24.htm), Queen of Gotham City?

::: Action Issues :::

Just a thought, Jethro, but why not clean up our OWN act first? (-oh my gawd!-) What if the STO and STS become more than the sum of their spiritual orientations, starting with:

a) Government makes military elite's noblesse oblige sharing non-destructive, Nibiru-related, life-saving technology (govmt/g15.htm) to megabusiness? They in turn,
b) Give low-cost, dome building, new technology (poleshft/p15.htm) to the get-a-clue hoi polloi to,
c) Allow life saving options for both themselves and enlightened troglites whenever,
d) It will help separate the STO and STS communities; hence, possibly inching up,
e) Ol' d17's STO meter (density/d17.htm; orientat/o39.htm; transfor/t07.htm)? Government helps out by,
f) Providing scaled tax assistance!

::: Redirected Utility Cash! :::

Museum piecesTake [a] above, for example. Can our everyday, top-secret, garden-variety, STO, free energy officials cut a sub rosa, 50-50 deal with power companies? Have they, er, can they covertly replace expensive electricity-producing plant "cores" with existing, SUPER cheap to operate, free energy devices (and blow some sort of look-alike-but-really-harmless pollution s#*t out the "stacks")? Who really gives a tinker's damn where the source of power comes from (awaken/a67.htm)? Our electric bills stay the same (remember, free energy is "fiction" kiddies; transfor/t40.htm)! Split the free energy-based profit with Mr. Foss L. Fuel - sharing otherwise wasted energy resources with STO survival groups.

::: Government Openness :::

Hmmm. Couple questions:

Question #1: Will discovering the facts about our spiritual truths turn into a witch hunt (govmt/g108.htm)?

Question #2: Do truth hunting activities seem only to remind us so poignantly of the inexorable need to upgrade and/or replace spiritually and physically inferior Homo sapiens (UB 34:7) with hybrids (UB 49:5; just as soon as possible?

::: Eternal Son's Spirit Gravity Network! :::

If ET revelations continue their steady, exponential climb into Urantian cosmic consciousness, why the hell'd anybody with an IQ above -275 rely on self-interested, terrestrial establishments to discern the truth about our galactic neighborhood/brotherhood (Luke 17:21)?

Yup - ask me anything!Is global "ESP" nascent (Acts 2:17-18)? Are important cosmic-related answers discovered "inside" (UB 110:6-7)? Tried it, Bub? Should you rely upon archaic "words," or be sensitive to Thought Adjuster / Father, personality circuit "concepts" (awaken/a46.htm; UB 5:3; call/c00.htm)?

How about creating an ET answers web site: a) questions, and b) answers. Theme: ET Presence (Note: have there been some good sites posted in alt.alien.visitors). The site would:

1) Help support "one click" submit questions,
2) Each question given a unique index and priority and,
3) World public to vote or be polled for the current month's Top 100 unanswered questions and their priority,
4) Someone in authority posts answers in a moderated group, called something like alt.alien.government.answers to any questions in the top 20 priority slots with attention to the highest priority,
5) Government's subsequent answers, regardless of the BS, usefulness, or detail, are archived on the web site with a unique index for later reference.
6) Done.

Finally, as "born-again" authority (local governments, United Nations, whatever!) posts bona fide answers, they may win back some respect, credibility, and public confidence. Questions left unanswered after 30 days in the Top Ten imply a "no-comment," too many repercussions could ensue at this time - they either, a) stay on the list or, b) get voted off by a public poll.

Thoughts, anybody?
- - - - - - -

To probe further: "A History of Israel", Bright, John, rev. ed., 1972; thub00.htm; UB 31:3; "Archaeology and Old Testament Study", Thomas, Winton D., 1967; govmt/g50; and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002

Can Anyone Save You? (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm, 2) Saved: Romans 10:9-10; to protect; to make possible an eternal loving relationship with the Father. 3) those-who-mourn: STO genetic engineers, awaken/a02.htm; Psalms 103:20, 4) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format.

Please copy and paste the base URL located below, along with partial links into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Salvation (c. 2002) :::

Ever made the "Call" (Romans 10:13; call/c00.htm)!? True/False: The Creator Son is the evolutionary creature's door (John 14:6), or first step to the Eternal Creator (John 4:23-24; UB Forward VII)?

Jesus on the crossIs Nebadon's Christ Michael a starseed's first step to God? Is He Urantia's promised Messiah (UB 122:4, myths/m21; UB 126:3), who died on the cross for the redemption of your sins (UB 188:4, myths/m15.htm)? Can anybody save you (UB 188:4)? Did Admin authorize the recycling of third density souls into fourth density, custom STO containers (worlds/w49.htm; hybrids/h29.htm)?

Can STO ETs help (transfor/t55.htm, Joel 2:31-32) during 606 of 24's Ascension (density/d40.htm; transfor/t16.htm)? Do ETs experience difficulties; steep learning curves (hybrids/h19.htm)? Do ET's believe Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the "Eternal Son," member of the Paradise Trinity (UB 33:1; myths/m20.htm)?

Will God ALWAYS like for you to ask Him stuff " Jesus name" (John 16:26-28)? Seriously, can sin be genetically transferred from parent to child (UB 188:4; myths/m33.htm)? Is it possible for Jesus to be originally from Earth (John 18:36) if he managed its construction (UB 32:2)?

::: Word of God? :::

Did the King of Kings walk on water, or was it Peter's pipe dream (myths/m29.htm; UB 152:4; Mathew 14:23-33)? What happened at two minutes past three o'clock, Sunday mornin', 4/9/0030? Specifically, was Jesus' body physically resurrected (myths/m29.htm; UB 189:2; Matthew 28:1-8)?

Church: Does God require the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of sin (UB 89:2-10; orientat/o24.htm; UB 63:6)?

Is Revelation chiseled in stone (Matthew 25:13; UB 139:4; Mark 13:32-33)? Or was the youngest of the 12 apostles, video gamer's virtually immersed 24 sentinels accidentally superimposed with Jerusem's 24 councilors (UB 45:4; UB 34:4) - by plugging the 2,048-bit, CVT (Cosmic VR Throttle; transfor/t19.htm) joystick in upside down?

STO ET's do not discard basic religious tenants - Mary's virgin birth (myths/m26.htm); Jesus lived and later died upon a cross - and so on. However, the farther back the bible goes, the more interesting history paints religious events! Do ETs consider their assistance to be similar to angels (UB 26:1; call/c21.htm)? Should you worship or lynch 'em (Rev. 22:9; 1 Corinthians 6:3)!

::: Devil, Monsters, Flood, etc. :::

Was there a Devil (call/c24.htm; UB 53:1; Matthew 4:8-10)? Are there Monsters (orientat/o27.htm; UB 94:4; Job 41)? Was Earth once a water sphere (science/s11.htm; UB 57:8; Genesis 1:1-10)? Are there different realms (density/d04.htm; UB 45:1; John 8:23)?

Is Jesus a Christian (myths/m27.htm; UB 98:7; Matthew 23)? Is He going to return (transfor/t16.htm; UB 119:8; Acts 1:11)? And will we have better bodies in the near future (hybrids/h00.htm; UB 40:5; Isaiah 65:20-22)?

::: Heaven in Nebadon (UB 12:1)? :::

In Summary, do STOs have options with Nebadon's Christ Michael (Matthew 28:18; UB 188:4)? And should home-grown, born-and-raised, disparate faiths get to know their cosmic parents (UB 33:3)?
- - - - - - -

Earth (606 of 24) is No. 606 of Satania.
- Needs headquarters - soon.
Satania (24 of 70) is No. 24 of Norlatiadek.
- Satania's headquarters is Jerusem - cool place!
Norlatiadek (70 of 84) is No. 70 of Nebadon.
- Norlatiadek's headquarters is Edentia.
Nebadon (84 of 3) is No. 84 of Ensa.
- Nebadon's capital is Salvington.
Ensa (3 of 5) is No. 3 of Splandon.

To probe further: transfor/t10.htm; Date a Zeta:; transfor/t99.htm; thub00.htm; UB 28:6[4-5]; UB 15:10-13; rules/r20.htm; UB 31:3; govmt/g122.htm; govmt/g126.htm; transfor/t101.htm; poleshft/p28.htm; transfor/t80.htm; transfor/t55.htm; UB 97, etc., and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), 1998-2002.

Secret Garden (back to top)

Definitions: Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; orientat/o01.htm; Urantia Book (UB) 180:1, 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; call/c24.htm; Isaiah 14:12-15, 3) Toymaker: Makes toys; 4) Orientation University: Toymaker's cosmic university, 5) Copy/paste the base url included below, together with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Crocodile Country Club :::

Nonsense, Pluvian Plover! LOOK, tick breath, if Eve hadn't picked that forbidden fruit .. Ooops! Thanks, waitress, that's Ox's. Tongue! I ordered a 151 an' cherry Pepzi - not rum an' cola! Ox, chill! Gulp, hmmm. Can't the waitress get anything right, Reverend? Drink up, Pecker!

Ooooops!Reverend Plover, your ancestors adopted that bird-brained legend from an account of true ancient deception (UB 53:7). However, your STS church ancestors twisted the damn thing around to suit their need to make plovers feel guilty about sex! Blasphemy, OX! That's why us wicked, evil birds fell from grace! It was due to our awareness of our sexuality! Total nonsense, Pluvian (Genesis 3:6-7; myths/m32.htm)! Sorry, Ox, that's why ALL women suffer in childbirth - because of Eve's sin (UB 75:3)! More infantile nonsense from your cult's STS elite, Pluvian (call/c18.htm)!

::: Prince Myses :::

Listen, devil! Ever read where Prince Myses descended from the mountain top with the Sacred Ten Rules - written in stone! PLOVER - that story was cooked up too - long after the Prince died (Exodus 34:28-29; call/c25.htm; UB 96:3-5)! Sheeesh! Tounge gave my juicy tick steak to that plover! Make a fish sandwich from the teeth bar, Pecker! Look, Reverend, goin' topside .. cruise!

OX! WAIT! The Plover Promise Ark (Exodus 25,10-21) actually held the tables (call/c25.htm) of the Sacred Ten Rules! The Plover Promise Ark, Reverend, was really a gold plated electronic communication device (myths/m34.htm; Exodus 25,22) for the giant birds (worlds/w04.htm) behind Kooterville's stormy weather (thub00.htm; UB 31:3) - Byeeeeee!

::: Jungle Cruise :::

Crocodile Jungle CruiseSo, Ox. Got a last name? Pecker, yours? Egret. Hmmm, NICE plumes - what brings you to the single's cruise, Casmera - horny? Goin' to Al-Faiyum, researching secrets of Crocodilopolis. What were YOU doing in Kooterville, Ox? The plovers that live outside of Kooterville (many readers) have been on this jungle cruise many times! My family sent me there to help 'em determine their final orientation: STS or STO. So, you're the li'l pecker my dad warned me about - you like farming! ONLY on my family's farm, Casmera!

The plovers got to you, Ox? Casmera, teaching spiritually infantile plovers that live in Kooterville to think of others as much as themselves makes me feel like a hypocrite! Why warn the plovers that have only been on one, single jungle cruise about extinction? Many plovers have the opportunity to just - dissipate (density/d29.htm)! Is that worse than Eternity Prison, away from my family farm? You're envious, Ox ?!? Do you have any idea how many times I've been on this cruise, Casmera? Come here Ox - you just need a hug .. feel better? Hmmm ..

::: Al-Faiyum :::Jubatus

Ya know, if it wasn't for free meal tickets from stupid tourists, I'd a quit Jungle Cats long ago, Tigris! Boo hoo, cheetah! Aw, shaaadup, tiger - at least I don't EAT the phuckin' tourists! Chill, Jubatus - quit moanin'! Two suckers at the first table were staring up at you. Looks like a researcher type and, is that a .. tick bird?

Bwwaahaahaahaahaaah!! (LOL!) Is he LOST??? Try that ol' Antelope Savanna bull crap on 'em!!!

OX! Is that your plume or do you just like dancing with me?!? Gulp! Sorry, Casmera! I'm sooooo embarrassed! Yea RIGHT, Ox .. Casmera, trust me! I've never done the Tango with an egret before! Sheeesh! Say, that 5-string bass player's good!

Mind if I join you? Ox? No - uh, I don't mind, Casmera. NICE plumes .. Casmera? Eh-hem, my friend here, Ox, likes your band! Birds 'ere call me Jubatus - all my fans do! What brings you an' the li'l pecker to Al-Faiyum? Crocodilopolis .. Eh? Save your money egret, I know the two big secrets of Crocodilopolis: The location of the Antelope Savanna, and Saint Monica's, uh .. Day of Rest commandment! SAINT Monica, Jubatus?!?

::: Day of Rest :::

Saint Monica, the famous Nun who ministered to the workaholic Emperor, couldn't get the ol' stud to spend a whole night of fantastic ministry with her while Queen Frosenole was asleep! Sweet ol' Monica faked an oracle from ancient Sebek about sleeping in at least one day a week (myths/m23.htm; Exodus 20:10-11) in order to take care of her basic life support! BLASPHEME, Jubatus! Ah grow up, pecker! Casmera, I'm one busy cat - wanna see the savanna?!?

Ox - get over it! Let 'em show us how to get to Antelope Savanna - or are you jealous? Casmera, Jubatus will use you! Ox, I know you care .. Let's wait and see (visitatn/v04.htm)! Casmera, will actually finding the Antelope Savanna, like, take my hypocrisy, er, pain away? Come 'ere Ox - closer .. Pain is translated to passion when action can be taken (awaken/a02.htm)! Antelope Savanna is really the location of your family's farm (catharsis)! Casmera, I think Jubatus is a cheetah! What if we stumble onto my family's farm - then what? Ox, do this for me, po-leeze!

::: Antelope Savanna :::

Awesome, Ox! Thanks, Casmera - my family's farm starts over by the garden-like area on the other side of the lake - by the boats! OX - GET OVER HERE! W-w-what, Jubatus? The sign - Secret Garden! Ring any bells, pecker? Uh, lemme check my map ..

Ox! Jubatus IS a cheetah!!! Just saw his tail when he pointed up to the sign! THANKS, Casmera! Perfect! He'll EAT my family when he finds them! I'm scared, Ox! Get OVER it (call/c10.htm; 1 Peter 5:8; govmt/g22.htm), Casmera! Ox, I've never shared my hurt with you before, but my oldest brother kicked me out of the nest - as a kid! Almost caused siblicide (awaken/a02.htm)! Casmera, here - hold my wing .. NO FEAR - remember that! Let's go, Ox!

::: Secret Garden :::

Garden's beautiful (UB 11), Ox, but I think the Secret Garden is in the building over there! Also, I'm really sorry about freakin' you out .. Actually, Casmera, I think you're right! I had this lucid dream last night where Jubatus was a cheetah, and he ate my family! Ox, look on the wall over here by the indoor hydroponics garden ( - two entry doors??? PECKER! Yes, Jubatus <..yawn..>? Which buzzer: Moo Moo's Indoor Hydroponics Garden, or Mrs. Piggy's Farm? WAIT!! Jubatus - DON'T PRESS ..


Thunk - oooof! Now that smaaaaarrrts! ..

Oooops! Pigs, harvesting? Where the heck are we, Ox? Hey you - pig! Where are we? Hi birds, I'm Peter Piggy. Grab a basket - there, get a shovel - let's go! Move out, lightworkers!

Casmera, uh, we've finally made it! Ox, remember in Orientation University - Secret Garden is not just a place! Casmera, AM I THE LAST TO KNOW? It's an ACT of profound intimacy toward the one Eternal Creator by a total (1 John 4:18; Matthew 22:37-39), 100% commitment to serve others during Earth's Ascension (Proverbs 3:5-6)! The closer to the Ascension, the GREATER the commitment, Ox! And the GREATER the Creator's intimate presence, Casmera (UB 2:5; Psalms 91; UB 5:5)!

::: VR Theater? :::

Bravo, Ox! You discovered this by yourself (eh-hem), on a real classroom assignment! One thing Casmera, how come I had the lucid dream - about Jubatus (Revelation 19:19; poleshft/p84.htm; Daniel 7:23)? The cheetah never ate my family!?! Ox - our future is NOT WRITTEN! The future is written only in the hearts and minds of those now living! Your dream was really a high-tech, ET-based, virtual reality theater (transfor/t19.htm; call/c23.htm; transfor/t21.htm) to make you think ..

::: Think! :::

(Sequel to Secret Garden)

To probe further: Richard Estes, "The Behavior Guide to African Mammals", The University of California Press, Berkeley, 1991; transfor/t80.htm; UB 66:7; David MacDonald, "The Encyclopedia of Mammals", Equinox Ltd, Oxford, 1984; density/d17.htm; orientat/o39.htm, transfor/t07.htm; Jonah 3:6-10; transfor/t25.htm; thub.htm; Stewart Kenyon, "Hydroponics for the Home Gardner", Key-Porter Books Limited, 1992; "Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia", The Software Toolworks, Inc., 1993; Exodus 20, 2-17; UB 66:7, and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1999-2002.

- - - - -

UB 89:4; Surrounded by so many sensitive spirits and grasping gods, primitive man was face to face with such a host of creditor deities that it required all the priests, ritual, and sacrifices throughout an entire lifetime to get him out of spiritual debt. The doctrine of original sin, or racial guilt, started every person out in serious debt to the spirit powers.

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Definitions: 1) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 2) Havona: UB 14:3, 3) Norlatiadek: UB 15:7; 4) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12; orientat/o01.htm; awaken/a04.htm; 5) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; call/c24.htm; Isaiah 14:12-15; 6) Toymaker: makes toys; 7) Orientation University (OU): Toymaker's imaginary cosmic university.

Please copy and paste the base URL located below, together with partial links, into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Cosmo Lotto! :::

Did students have to win some sorta celestial lottery to get incarnated here?

In #70 of Nebadon, #606 of Satania (UB 49), are not simultaneous cosmic anomalies a bit suspicious (UB 53; thub.htm; UB 67:7)?

::: Secret Agenda :::

What the hell's so interesting about a bunch of us spiritual Neanderthals? Also, why do higher density ETs leave high-tech spaceports (UB 46:1), or the "gardens of God" (system capitals with incredible botanic artistry; UB 43:6) for Earth? What they here for? change diapers (awaken/a23.htm)!?

..for cargo bays chock full a souls (worlds/w49.htm)? Well, maybe not ..

Are you getting shafted in broad daylight? Are ETs rippin' off stuff that belongs to YOU (myths/m04.htm; UB 11:8)? What's up with that? Aren't good ETs - the angels - supposed to be protecting our butts (rules/r20.htm) from STS/STO ET abductions, etc? Assuming what ETs are taking is valuable, how much longer Kosmic Kops (rules/r20.htm) gonna let 'em get away with it?

MagnetSo, what's the "magnet" that draws descending sons of God (UB 35), Deity, ETs by the shit load, angels, demons, walk-ins, traveling planets, you name it - to third density Earth? Way down here to scrubby ol' mortals a time and space (UB 40:5)?

GOLD (myths/m04.htm)! Yeah, right.

Why is Earth S-W-A-R-M-I-N-G with higher-density thingies just now (density/d25.htm)? Will cosmic engineers have to create photon belt sidebands if OU has to squeeze even ONE more entity into Urantia's jammed-full density soup?

Did your friendly neighborhood starseeds and light woikers have ILLEGAL, pre-birth, inside trader's info about agondonters - BEFORE they incarnated (UB 50:7)?

Why in flyin' blue blazes would Havona creatures consider experiential qualities of URANTIAN mortals of time and space to be of ANY (govmt/g108.htm; transfor/t06.htm; transfor/t79.htm) redeeming value (UB 3:5; UB 23:2[1])?

::: Recipes! :::

Hmmm .. Why is Bowser's orbital path a nearly perfect train track (science/s29.htm) - with its other unlit foci well hidden from view - all the while knowledge of it's existence grows stronger - yet first among the intrepid?


Oooops .. add one-half cup Lucifer rebellion (UB 54:5) .. Stir ..

And were there not like, M-I-L-L-I-O-N-S of other life-bearing spheres in Nebadon? Now, for the $64,000,000 Epicurean question -

Tenacious superhumans!Why in all creation did Christ Michael pick formerly and completely insignificant Earth (UB 20:5) for His seventh and final bestowal (UB 7:4)?

Is changing diapers in His nursery - the "chief of ten million" inhabited worlds (UB 119:8) - eternity's real gold?

Welcome to OU internship classmates (thub00.htm; UB 31:3)!
- - -

To probe further: Tertiary Seconaphim/The Solemnity of Trust - UB 28:6[4-5]; "The Electronics Handbook", Jerry C. Whitaker, CRC Press, 1996; UB 1;; UB 43; govmt/g126.htm; 1 John 4:18; Rev 3:10; transfor/t100.htm; rules/r27.htm; John 8:51, transfor/t101.htm, density/d17.htm, etc.; and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

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