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::: New Lease :::

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others: STO; awaken/a15.htm; orientat/o01.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm, 2) those-who-mourn: STO genetic engineers; awaken/a02.htm; Psalms 103:20, 3) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm, 4) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format, 5) End of lease? Rev 6:12-14, 6) Local Admin: UB 15:10-13; rules/r20.htm; govmt/g22.htm, govmt/g126.htm; 7) Density: density/d00.htm.

Please copy and paste the base URL, located below, along with partial links into your browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!
- - -

Yep - scared shitless, Pseth!

Negotiate!Sorta like beauty and the beast, Council? Kids (awaken/a23.htm) just wouldn't believe what they could not see - so they wanted an escape - or at least negotiate a new lease! Older siblings saw what they were doing to their planet - to each other! Over time of course, they discovered the concept of spirit gravity (UB 7:1) and how to entice the more spiritually-attuned to understand its usefulness, especially how it can affect an exponential ROI (UB 54:6). Your thoughts?

Working smarter not harder, Pseth .. planning together (transfor/t05.htm)!

Absolutely, Yoda (LOL)!

But seriously Council, I think most of their problems were brought on by just stupid fear of the unknown! Did the tenants next door (UB 72:12) really get a whopping rent increase (worlds/w09.htm; worlds/w19.htm), er what?

Humans wanted real estate options (density/d08.htm; poleshft/p42.htm), Pseth.

So what's cookin' this time 'round, Boss?

Pseth, remind 'em how successful they were! Tell 'em remember - show the landlord bona fide interest in the rental (rules/r45.htm) - be at the negotiating office on time (John 4:24; UB 5:3)! If STS rental agent Bollix threatens with 50% rent increase, suggest they say: "That's a nice way of saying, 'Get the hell off my planet!'"

Yeah, right! Humanity has better options (Luke 16:22-31; govmt/g101.htm; density/d47.htm), Council?

Pseth, tell 'em to keep the faith going into negotiations (awaken/a66.htm)! For example, remember when Bollix dredged up the 'ol "You Despoiled Our Precious Rainforests" (poleshft/p13.htm; worlds/w49.htm) ..

Got it! Hmmmm .. Remind 'em how many potentially new rainforests they fertilized (orientat/o31.htm; govmt/g41.htm)? Humanity watches each other's back (beinghum/b11.htm; orientat/o24.htm), Council!

Who really has the aces, eh?They bluffed, Pseth! Negotiators (visitatn/v63.htm; Luke 16:8) played the, "We Don't Need Your New Earth!" card! Even terrestrial STS wanted to stop the brain washing! Too, more than a few astute STOs even skipped (Luke 17:21; UB 5:5) 4-d physiological machination (visitatn/v15.htm; hybrids/h29.htm, etc.) back then!

Pseth, because of honesty, openness - being allowed to think for yourself - many STOs will be better prepared to shoot off to higher ground, eventually Jerusem (UB 45), and upscale Edentia (UB 43:8) - in a flash (UB 55:2)!

Council, Urantia ought to remember strategy (UB Foreward VIII) they used last time! They'll kick cosmic ass! Your thoughts?

Grasshopper, remember when hostile STS negotiators (orientat/o24.htm) dealt the ol' "Too Violent" card (hybrids/h44.htm)? 606 insisted on long life (Isaiah 65:22; hybrids/h02.htm)!

Yeah boss, remember when Agent Bollix bluffed with "Nobody Likes You" (transfor/t14.htm)? 606 slammed back with "Officers of the High Courts of the Superuniverse" (UB 22:9) ..


But Council! What if Bollix plays the ol' "New Tenants are Genetic Engineers" baloney (science/s24.htm)?

atom(yawn..) Pseth: tell them clever humans built a complete map of the human genome - clone containers in their sleep! 606 need another biowar (awaken/a02.htm)?

Before you go! What if STO leaders could have just gone back in time (science/s02.htm)!

Not necessary, Pseth! Spirit gravity connected STOs (transfor/t13.htm; awaken/a66.htm) made all the difference back then! Don't be surprised this time, tyro! It still amazes me what a little creativity (visitatn/v43.htm; ) did for humanity - who could have told them they could get the island for trinkets!

Beauty in the beast (thub00.htm; UB 31:3), cowboy!

Resourceful hominids, Council.

- - -

606 - Earth (606 of 24) is No. 606 of Satania.
- Needs headquarters - soon.
Satania (24 of 70) is No. 24 of Norlatiadek.
- Satania's headquarters is Jerusem.
Norlatiadek (70 of 84) is No. 70 of Nebadon.
- Norlatiadek's headquarters is Edentia.
Nebadon (84 of 3) is No. 84 of Ensa.
- Nebadon's capital is Salvington.

To probe further: myths/m38.htm; John 8:51; "The Story of New Amsterdam", William R. Shepherd, 1926/1970; poleshft/p09.htm; science/s09.htm; UB 31:10; The Ascending Mortals - UB 30:4; density/d17.htm; "Short History of Anatomy and Physiology", Charles Singer, 1957; poleshft/p19.htm; transfor/t99.htm; "..immune to disappointment" - UB 100:6; visitatn/v01.htm; poleshft/p123.htm; Training Worlds: UB 43:8; visitatn/v20.htm; UB 110:6-7; Rev. 3:10; Fictional characters Pseth, Council, Agent Bollix, and spirit gravity corridors (SGC), from free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.
- - - - - -

"Urantia is comparatively isolated on the outskirts of Satania, your solar system, with one exception, being the farthest removed from Jerusem, while Satania itself is next to the outermost system of Norlatiadek, and this constellation is now traversing the outer fringe of Nebadon. You were truly among the least of all creation until Michael's bestowal elevated your planet to a position of honor and great universe interest. Sometimes the last is first, while truly the least becomes greatest." (UB 41:10)

Tango (back to top)

What are ETs doing while you're whisked away on secret meetings? This story is a sequel to Secret Garden. Short story Tango is a sequel to short story Secret Garden. (Return to Secret Garden)

Characters: Jubatus, Tigris, Pseth, Laetitia, Casmera, Ox, Peter Piggy. Location: Secret contactee meeting in mythical Crocodilopolis.

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; orientat/o01.htm; John 15:12; awaken/a04.htm; 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm, 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 4) Toymaker: makes toys; 5) Orientation University (OU): Toymaker's cosmic university; 6) Please copy and paste the base url located below, along with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

Editor's note: Out in the Great Somewhere, hidden deep in the vast, mysterious cosmos, is a magical place known as the Secret Garden! Few find this romantic, mythical, garden of Deity .. even fewer return to tell about it's secrets! Once there though, you will never be the same! - End of editor's note.

::: Once upon a time :::

More contactee BS, tiger?

GRRR-ARGH!SHUT UP, Jubatus! '01 reps be gettin' off Kooterville's single's cruise anytime now!

Yyyyeah, right! You're King! Fearless, tig a Jungle Cats - HA! Antelope Savanna ain't anywhere 'round 'ere, rat breath - an' brain dead contactees'll never find it!

AARGH! Kittylitter-sniffin' cheetah! Ma birds'll TAKE you there - blindfolded!

Ah shutup, Tigris! - Faire queen's lookin' right at ya! ..

::: Princess Laetitia! :::

.. and without further interruption - JUBATUS, our next brave, TQ401/SLC101 speaker needs no introduction! However, for the benefit of all of our (you?) new contactees, the Oinkmaster is in charge of big bad wolf protection at Pigolick's famous Piggy Farm! Give it up, birds, invertebrates (density/d47.htm), cats, dogs, reptiles, oinks - for Peter Piggeeeeee!

Go to Peter Piggy story(Deafening applause!) .. Tanks Prin, piggys, honored guests! As the Prin said, contactee meetings are source a inspiration t'all Pigolickians! Yessir - mom 'minded me (Romans 10:9-10) I was just like many a you stinky, kinky, piggy butts!! Ooone, fat, lazyass, poke chop! But I got sum good news fer you porkers! One day, while mud wrestlin' on mom's farm, one a muh well-hoofed friends .. <snip>

::: Crocodilopolis :::

Tigris - 01 lab's holdin' sekrit meetin' here in mythical Crocodilopolis - I must be dreamin'! BIG DEAL, Jubatus! Well, I'm HUNGRY, tiger; I smell FUDE!

GRR-RRR - look, cheetah! Look a that high density, butt-munchin' egomaniac - slobberin' all o' Toymaker's private property! Ya know, if the pretty Princess don't get a motivational speaker NOW, Peter porkers gonna be BACON boigers when that big bad wolf arrives (Rev.6:12-14)!

Lemme hissssss at 'em, Tigris - then let's EAT 'em (worlds/w49.htm) - YUM!!

Shutup, Jubatus - I GOT IT, so listen up! Git STS Bully Willet to rig SLC101's vote (hybrids/h17.htm) so badass Schade N. Freude can force Princess faire queen back ta Kooterville! How, and what for, stupid? GRRR-AARGH!!! Listen up, cheetah! STS101 will agree to trick Ox Pecker into gettin' yor baboon ass to Antelope Savanna! FOOD - get it! AAARGH! Can't wait to see the look on Pseth's face! GRRR-RRR!

::: Pseth and Laetitia :::

Laetitia, Toymaker wants US to give the wise egret a vision of Ox Pecker's future mission ( DUH - why not just tell Ox directly? Pseth, Toymaker thinks that Casmera Egret telling Ox about his future ministry will have a more lasting effect! Besides, Ox likes his pretty mentor!

Where you going, Princess? Around the corner, Pseth - don't leave, please?

Time flying byEditor's note: Casmera is presently unable to give a motivational speech to the piggys at the secret contactee meeting. Therefore, Laetitia has to travel back in time to do Ms. Egret's walk-in replacement! Casmera, just a few hours ago, was in the private company of just one, hot new bird friend, Ox Pecker on Kooterville's Jungle Cruise! When the Princess goes back, Casmera travels forward a few hours to intersect with OU's contactee meeting currently being held in "mythical" Crocodilopolis! OU keeps a high density time/mind connect between the time travelers! Cool shit, eh! (visitatn/v63.htm) - End of editor's note.

::: Time/mind Intercept/04 :::

[..Casmera! Yes, Princess - how's my crazy "love bird" doing? Ox is just about to take his OU midterm! I knew it, Princess - will he pass? ..]

Editor's note: Just as Pseth is wondering if Laetitia took a shower, Prosenona's photo-perfect princess returns from the "ladies room." Our buxom, gorgeous, curvaceous, little bit naughty Princess is/was ready to party-down tight with Pseth, cosmic cowboy from upscale Mesene!

Your ground crew will NEVER swear to it in court, but you-know-who (Laetitia) because of "connections" at OU, assigned Tammy, Peter Piggy's highly motivated sister to speak at the Piggy's contactee meeting! When Tammy backed out because of scheduling conflicts, Casmera got the job! Casmera, turns out in the wash, originally requested Laetitia's wise help convincing Ox Pecker that he's needed at the mysterious Secret Garden!

Anyhow, all little Peter Piggy wanted, damn it - was one ass-kickin' STO to give a short lecture to new contactees on global involvement in animal protection (thub00.htm; UB 31:3)! End of editor's note.

What happened - take a bath?

Great news, silly: OU found STO Casmera just hours ago - instructing Ox Pecker! On a "love" boat, babe? Pseth, it was a Jungle Cruise - OU made sudden arrangements! For you to suddenly to go back to yesterday during Kooterville's "single's cruise," and to send Casmera here again? Hmmm ..

Princess! Come here. Closer .. Ever tell you about the time OU used my crazy software (transfor/t19.htm) on Urantia to .. Princess?


::: Time/mind Intercept/06 :::

[..Casmera! Ox is just about to pass! Still believes non-existence may be a better choice for unsparked Kooterville souls (density/d26.htm) than Eternity Prison - away from the family farm! This dude's all wings, Casmera - what should I tell him, Quick!

Princess, say, "Dad doesn't want to lose ANYBODY - He wants 'em ALL (John 3:16; Matthew 18:15)"!

Casmera - swap you back tomorrow, Ok?]

::: Al-Faiyum :::

AWOL, Colonel? Saw it coming!

GRRR-RRR! Like 'ell ya did - Princess told ya, idiot!

Who made you do it, Tigris? I'm going to find out ..

AAARGH! Bein' the "bad guy" at meetin's - how damn stupid it was! M'too smart fer that STS shit! You'se guys have too much fun - GRR-RRR! Pseth, break's over - Jubatus is back! Leave NOW damn it!

(..yawn..) I'm shakin' in my boots, tiger! Band ever learn Maņana Zarpa Un Barco, or Laetitia's La Cumparsita?

Get t'hell OUTA 'ere! GRRR-AARGH!

- - - - - - -
To probe further: Team Work - teams/tteam01.htm; poleshft/p19.htm; UB 110:6; "Mortals of the individual orders of ascension" UB 49:6; density/d17.htm; Rev. 3:10; transfor/t01.htm; John 8:51; "Maņana Zarpa Un Barco", Lucio Demare and Homero Manzi; John 10:28-29; govmt/g22.htm; "La Cumparsita", G.H.Matos Rodrigues and Enrique P. Maroni - Pascual Contursi; 2 Peter 3:9; Imaginary Secret Garden, Prosenona, Mesene, OU, Toymaker, TQ401, Stealing, Lying, Cheating (SLC101) - free online edutainment from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

Reverend Joe (back to top)

Note: Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format. Please copy and paste the base URL, located below, along with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!
- - - -

::: Planetary Rentals, Inc. :::

Revernd JoeReverend Joe: I know you been selling this we-be-the-first-ones-here stuff to the ol' congregation, but were we really the only intelligent species to evolve on Earth (Genesis 1:26-31; density/d08.htm)? Earth's OURS (worlds/w19.htm), right?

How 'bout the moon (govmt/g56.htm) then?

Mars (worlds/w09.htm)?


So, if there's any chance we're not landowners - does this "rental" have an expiration (Rev 6:12-14) clause? At least we've left everything in good shape (orientat/o31.htm; govmt/g41.htm)! Why not just make a cash offer (John 4:24; UB 5:3) - or use an agent (visitant/v63.htm)!

Is 606 of 24 even in reusable (rules/r45.htm) condition!? Br. Joe: What if we genuinely dedicate ourselves and hammer away at it (beinghum/b11.htm; orientat/o24.htm)? Shouldn't our new planetary lease agreement come with more meaningful options (density/d47.htm; worlds/w49.htm)?

::: CRE101: Cosmic Real Estate :::

Anyway, what if we could just go back in time (science/s02.htm) and get trained at this (transfor/t13.htm; awaken/a66.htm) negotiation stuff! Couldn't we then at least try some creative bargaining (visitatn/v43.htm; science/s47.htm)? Seriously folks - who else is even considering the place (poleshft/p42.htm; transfor/t16.htm)!

Rev. Joe: Maybe you ought a enroll some members a li'l early (thub00.htm; UB 31:3) before class fills up, hmmm?
- - - -

To probe further: UB Foreword VIII; visitatn/v20.htm; science/s09.htm; 606 of 24 (Earth) is No. 606 of Satania, (24 of 70) is No. 24 of Norlatiadek - Satania's headquarters is Jerusem; myths/m38.htm; John 8:51; poleshft/p09.htm; UB 31:10; Date a Zeta:; UB 30:4; density/d17.htm; UB 100:6; visitatn/v01.htm; Training Worlds: UB 43:8; UB 110:6-7; Rev. 3:10; govmt/g126.htm; and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

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