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Mesene part one: Eels Rule! (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12, 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules//r04.htm, 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 4) Toymaker: makes toys; 5) Orientation University (OU): Toymaker's cosmic university; 6) Please copy and paste the base url located below, along with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Grand Order of Molics :::

MorayThat's me RENT, Gulper! Moray, if dues were cheaper every friggin' PBOT this side a Pirate's Cave would join (transfor/t06.htm)! Molics'll never let that happen!

But Grand Cephastant Garibaldi said ..

.. yyyeah right! Primary Fruede was once nefarious STS Emperor Artho .. Garibaldi is so full of it, Moray - Molic's RULE! That too, Gulper - Garibaldi says Schade N. Freude was never a real Primary (UB 53)!

<..yawn..> Finish your research, eel!

B-b-but Gulper, according to this .. See? Emperor Artho wiped out a entire continent of octopus (density/d47.htm; Rev. 3:16)!

DUH - why would the Primary put reference books in the Order's library - to get himself eaten? Electricus extends your invite till tomorrow! Freude a monster - HA! It's down to this: y'want Directorship a Pirate's Cave? Shut up or pay up, Moray (call/c10.htm)!

Editor's note: The phony Primary developed a high density (density/d05.htm) power to change his appearance, and is really a predacious, lobster-like monster, who keeps a secret Rhom-based outpost in Cantina Las Anguilas! Schade wants entities to think he's as powerful as Lucifer! He scares the you-know-what out of his enemies with a terrible snapping-like sound! OU's STS alumni (orientat/o34.htm) remember Schade's infamous STS rule book(s), hammered out from eons of STS service:

· "Intro To OU's original, SLC100",
· "Chicken Soup for The STS", and best seller,
· "How To Cheat On SLC100 Finals!"

Cephastants and Molics are told he's a gentle and caring octopus (beinghum/b11.htm), until the Great ELO (eel, lobster, octopus) War in crab-Rhom at :ab, :gg, :gb. - End of editor's note.

::: Indigo Harbor, Prosenona :::

Indigo Harbor.. so peaceful on the beach! Waves pounding the sand, sweet music of the spheres (UB 44:1), the birds .. Toymaker?

.. hmmmm. No!

Anyone tell you? Just like you said, Bully Willet found and sent the decoded Team trinary to ..

I know - nice work, Princess! Now .. back to the boats!

Well, you sure don't like any of these, Toymaker! The Trinton?

No way! Sumter? <..yawn..> Toymaker - Constellation: it's perfect! Holoden's reserved, Laetitia! Hmmm - how about that one, Princess?

A dreadnaught, Toymaker? G's the exact same size, Princess - see? Toymaker, two problems: not fast enough, and no crew for the rendezvous - at Gum Nebula!

The Promethean, Princess - we're done! Come on - go for a swim?

::: SLC100's Photometry Lab :::

A gas cloud collapsing to form stars can convert its angular momentum into the rotation of the stars .. and because of collisions with single stars in dense Rhom stellar environments, thus making it more difficult for single stars to form (science/s41.htm)! No more questions, students!

But there are so many binaries! That distorted one in the Nymph system - why's it named Boobstar, Primary?

Shut up, Moray! Everybody: Lab's closed! Get t'hell out - NOW!

Primary, you referred to some way-cool lies back in the Lab. Explain: whadda binary stars have to do with Toymaker?

You were not listening ..Toymaker's a sick myth invented by the horny Princess to enable her to maintain rule of TQ401 in Toymaker's name! You new recruits will soon study from the Grand Order of Molic's official archives that red, green, and blue toys were NEVER invented by Toymaker! Ms. Plover, Uranopods - and especially a*hole Newton - were all secretly in collusion with Laetitia to foist fraud upon all OU students and faculty!

Primary - uh, how 'bout colored toys on planet Uniramia?

They were already there, PBOT!

It's Lieutenant Moray, s-s-Sir!

GRRR-RRR! Want proof, Lieutenant? Princess Laetitia has never been able to bring back a single toy manufactured in Grand Island Toy Factory!

::: SLC100 - Tactical Analysis :::

Primary, Bully Willet said Dr. Jennifer's coded trinary was a CCA shit - what's that?

A skit, idiot! Play of some kind - more Prosenona b.s.! WHERE WAS IT?

S-s-sir! In Admiral Satan's inbox, unopened - for m-m-months!

STUDENTS! The trinary intel intercepted from General Caligastia's com! On screen, Gulper - NOW!
- - - - - -

C-mail: Orientation University, TQ401
Attachments: Teams; CCA

crab-Rhom Horizontal Team:
STS: Caligastia, Nudnick, Bully Willet, Sargent Rex, Agent Bollix
STO: Pseth, Alana, Snowy Plover, King Manny, Agent Kered

Grand Island Vertical Team:
B:J Bug Lodge CCA Team, Port Indigo
Mesene, Inc.
C-mail: ccateam@blodgeNOSPAMmesene.cca
- - - - - - -

Bug Lodge, Gulper - BUGS did this? Hmmmm. If we can decode the Vertical Team list - General Caligastia's space dust!

.. done, Primary! Prosenona's gonna use Laetitia, Newton, E. Lohim, Spoof, and some android - double agent Marion Leet ..

Spoof? Undercover hobgoblin, Primary - in bed wit Ambassador Lohim - an' Bugmaker ..

Is a MYTH - invented by Princess Jennifer (! SLC100 spies put General Caligastia's attack locations in crab-Rhom, subsection :ab in Mesene, and section :cr in Prosenona! Gulper - on screen!

::: crab-Rhom :::

-R -O -Y- G- B- I- V
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F
00 00 01 02 03 04 00 E
00 05 06 07 08 09 10 d
00 11 12 13 14 15 16 c
00 17 18 19 20 21 22 b
00 23 24 25 26 27 28 a
00 00 29 30 31 00 00 g
00 00 00 00 00 32 00 f
33 00 00 00 00 00 00 e

01 - Ey - [Planned] Mangonel Bat Ray Attack
02 - Eg - Octo Cloak Defense
03 - Eb - Space Exhibit (MIL)
04 - Ei - Incirrata Art Show (RL:U)

05 - do - [Planned] Torpedo Ray Disruptor Attack
06 - dy - Scorpion Spine Mine Defense
07 - dg - Garibaldi Disruptor Defense
08 - db - Translator Research (MIL)
09 - di - Sports Exhibit (RL:U)
10 - dv - Adventure Land (RL:U)

11 - co - Dolphin Cannon Defense
12 - cy - Future Land (REG)
13 - cg - OPS (REG)
14 - cb - Bio-Matic Research and PG Lab (MIL)
15 - ci - PBOT! (RL:C)
16 - cv - Maze Like Complex (RL:M)

17 - bo - Port Cullis (REG)
18 - by - Lower Bailey
19 - bg - Upper Bailey / Crab Snack Shack (IND)
20 - bb - Pirates Cave (MIL)
21 - bi - Octo Golf (RL:C)
22 - bv - Parades (RL:M)

23 - ao - Urchin Array Defense
24 - ay - UN Expo (REG)
25 - ag - Octo Romance Lab (IND)
26 - ab - Ion Lobster Trap Defense
27 - ai - Different Species Show (RL:C)
28 - av - Dolphin Cannon Defense

29 - gy - Look Out
30 - gg - Octo Cloak Defense
31 - gb - [Planned] Turbo Moray Eel Attack

32 - fi - [Planned] Trebucket Shark Missile Offence
33 - er - Hotel

To be continued ..

See also: "SeaLife - A Complete Guide to the Marine Environment", Marc Dando, Michael Burchett, Geofftey Waller, Smithsonian Institution Press, 1996; "Land of Mu" poleshft/p42.htm; UB 53:3; "Burnhams Celestial Handbook" Vol. 2, R. Burnham, Dover Publications, 1978, pp. 952-970; Date a Zeta: ; "Ancient Egyptian Literature 1", Miriam Lichtheim, Berkeley, 1975, 229; density/d17.htm; John 8:51; govmt/g22.htm; visitatn/v17.htm; John 8:44; orientat/o00.htm; OU College of STS, SLC100: Stealing, Lying, Cheating course, first semester; "Cosmic Golf", "Bully Willet", "Snowy, Laetitia, and Alana", "Dream Princess", and free, online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

Mesene part two: The Fair (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12, 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules//r04.htm, 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 4) Toymaker: makes toys; 5) Orientation University (OU): Toymaker's cosmic university; 6) CCA: Cosmic Competitive Advantage: "Newton's" maze, UB 55:12, etc.; 7) All awaken/a16.htm STS character's (Caligastia, Satan, and Lucifer) story details fantasized from UB 53; 8) Please copy and paste the base url located below, along with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Grand Island Fair :::

Mom be there, Snowy? Port Rose Transport Authority will arrange for mom to meet us at Indigo Harbor Village for dinner tonight, Alana (UB 44:2)! Grand Island Fair is gargantuan! S'that a new exhibit, Alana? Don't know, bro (UB 44:1)! Say, where's that beautiful music coming from?

Phoebe - what you doin' here!? Aren't you're supposed to be meeting us at Indigo? And what's up - you get a booth?!

Got lucky, Alana!

I can see that! Who's the HUNK?

Shhhhhh, silly! Remember? Hill Art Festival donated Princess Laetitia's CCA class some songs last semester! Toymaker gave Laetitia a booth for our "System X: Apple, Banana, Orange" paintings! But where's that beautiful music coming from? Hmmmm ..

Sir? Newton, ma'am (UB 44:5)! Are these paintings a part of CCA, Newton? Music's coming from this pyramid, Alana - one of Rhom's newest Method Y's! Cool - want help getting it down? Thanks, Alana. It's not heavy - watch the ramp!

.. See ourselves in this?? - Yyyeah, right, and I'm an apple, Phoebe! Actually, Alana, you're more like the South face of Newton's maze! Newt, got a sec? Explain Method Y to Snowy and Alana when you get a chance, please?

.. and we think that's why Toymaker liked it - helped King Manny's spiritually bovine mantids on Uniramia to discover the reality of God's love in the face of their worst fears - the Insect Tsunami! Understand the metaphor, Alana? Hmmmm .. Newton?

::: Rainbow Axis :::

Rainbow.. X, Y, Z, that's me! Private joke, visitors; eh-hem .. Anyway, apples .. represent newly sparked mantid souls (density/d26.htm) - they have the capacity to realize the comprehension of the idea of God! Apples eventuate into any Rhom room! Unless they reincarnate into a banana, spiritual growth and travel to horizontal CCA rooms is difficult (orientat/o09.htm)! Bananas, on the other hand, have come to realize the mind consciousness - the comprehension of the idea of God (UB 5:5)! Bananas explore their colorful horizontal CCA, rainbow colored neighborhood - even minister to apples! Understand, Alana?

Newton, what happens to bananas after they successfully minister to apples? Hmmm .. mix yellow with red and you get ..

Orange - you've got it, Alana! Oranges realize the soul consciousness - the realization of the ideal of God! They are sensitive to aesthetic, morontial melodies of Mesene! In the CCA maze, oranges have the spiritual power to project a colored abscissa, or horizontal path to bananas and apples (call/c09.htm) - so long as they are both on the same musical note!

And the painting of fruit - the table next to Phoebe .. is she talkin' to herself?

::: Musical Axis :::

Playing guitarAnd if I turn it around .. magic! The South face is a painting of fruit! Paintings represent entities who have come to realize the spirit reality of God! Paintings can project a musical ordinate, or vertical path to relatively, spiritually philistine oranges, so long as they are both on the same color (UB 5:4)!

::: Space/Time Axis :::

Was Phoebe "talking to herself" - not really! Apples and bananas think of time as linear (science/s02.htm)! When they gaze up or down the space/time axis of the CCA maze, they see a time paradox! Phoebe, on the other hand, has been trained to communicate through Z's dynamic time-space with one of Toymaker's CCA project avatars in Rhom!

Ready? Try it - peer down the Z axis, Alana! Hear that?! Awesome, hmmm? Over here too, see? Brave King Manny (worlds/w47.htm) on that sphere in low density Rhom is learning in his worship time that his ground crew's noteworthy efforts to overcome fear of the Insect Tsunami (Rev 6:12-14; UB 31:3) has eventuated this cosmic multimedia!

Method Y's from anywhere in Rhom are instantly user-multiplexed to any CCA exhibit along the outer edge of the vast fairground wall (UB 46:5)! Native Prosenonans learn from and enjoy vicarious feelings of Rhom courage, prior to trips into Mesene! See there? Know who that is, don't you? Like I said, Grand Island residents are enthralled by the mantid's tremendous faith! What a tremendous, genetically engineered capacity for love the creatures from Rhom can display - by just thinking for themselves!

::: The Dean's Office :::

AARGH - they know! You're OUT OF CONTROL High Commander! You don't give a damn about tryin' to convince 'em you were surprised! Comb your hair while lookin' right at the camera - Barbie saw that - AAAAARGHHH! You'll never teach here again!! General, all Nymph broads are dummies - they don't know shit, SIR! If you can't do the job right - GOLE - put a Sargent Rex bag over ..

Que sisters - they're HERE, Sir!

Stay here, High Commander, an' shut up! GRRR-AARGH!!

.. Barbie, they're BASTARDS! How could Captain 6 of 9's Ready room, Class Z Reticulan spy cam - without 'er password - come on an' automatically focus on Caligastia an' me!

They're DICKS, Suzie!

Didn't say they're all bad, Barbie!

Shutup, slut!

'Bout TIME you showed sum respect fer your sista! Chill wit this, sis: Schade said bof of 'em constantly steal brodes from Nymph to play all kind a religious mine contro' games on us (orientat/o24.htm)!

Least we're bein' used, sis (beinghum/b02.htm)!!

Barbie, yo sweetheart posted scores! See your ..

WHAAAAAAAA? No way Jose! (BOOM - BOOM - BOOM - BOOM!) - OPEN THE DAMN DO'!! Look a this! Barbie Que: eighty-nine pacent - I need an A, sis!! I'm SCREWED - half a this semester's class mysteriously disappeared! Not takin' freaky SLC101 agin - EVER!!

.. Tsk, tsk, tsk! Take MY class - get an A, Barbie! Guaranteed!

Yo an ASS, Caligastia! Get Nudnick to open his damn doh', 'fore I kick a f* hole in it!

GRRR-RRR! - PMS, Boobs? Think I'll flame Schade's fadass 'cross the galaxy fer snappin' Satania right from under me twxgrfnplnkl! BITCH!

Lose yo tweezas, pencildik? HA! 24 a 70 bin sleazed 'round wit so many ridiculous stock swindles, SLC101 don't give a damn who own that ho' house!


Editor's note: General Caligastia (call/c24.htm; UB 53:1) WANTS to be Barbie Que'd! And Gole M. Nudnick can barely keep her happy! Anyhooooo, Nudnick has no idea that Caligastia is going to threaten Sargent Rex by telling his gorgeous wife (worlds/w10.htm) Dina about her husband's little secret - unless Rex foils Agent Bollix's attempt to steal CephaLand's PBOT! - End of editor's note.

To be continued ..
- - - - - - -

Earth: (ol' 606 of 24) is No. 606 of Satania.
- Needs headquarters - soon.
Satania: ("24 a 70") is No. 24 of Norlatiadek.
- Satania's headquarters is Jerusem.
Norlatiadek: (ol' 70 of 84) is No. 70 of Nebadon.
- Norlatiadek's headquarters is Edentia.

See also: UB 53:3; "Burnhams Celestial Handbook" Vol. 2, R. Burnham, Dover Publications, 1978, pp. 952-970; UB 97:8-10; density/d12.htm; Cosmic Competitive Advantage: "Design and build System X, that eventuates experiential Method Y, that continually increases the enjoyment and satisfaction of existential love, raising and redefining the height of God's ultimate satisfaction, Z"; density/d17.htm; Psalms 91; govmt/g22.htm, etc., Captain 6 of 9, wacky OU College of STS's SLC100 (Stealing, Lying, Cheating course, first semester); and free online edutainment by xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

Mesene part three: The Vortex! (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12, 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules//r04.htm, 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format; 4) Toymaker: makes toys; 5) Orientation University (OU): Toymaker's cosmic university; 6) CCA: Cosmic Competitive Advantage: "Newton's" maze, UB 55:12, etc.; 7) All awaken/a16.htm STS character's (Caligastia, Satan, and Lucifer) story details fantasized from UB 53; 8) Please copy and paste the base url located below, along with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references.


::: Epsilon :::Pit drone

REX - biopod's aperture jammed when the stupid pit drones opened fire (rules/r39.htm)!

Bollix, the friggin' baby warehouse (worlds/w49.htm) was FULL? IMPOSSIBLE! - Nudnick'll shi ..

SIR! We've taken damage .. Port nacelles leakin' plasma!

Bollix - EMERGENCY BRAKIN' THRUSTERS! Shuttlebay doors er ..


HOLY SHIT Bully - get 'em???

Affirmative! Transferrin' soul cargo fer 100 photon torpedoes! Bertrak X7s lost in ..

REX, willet! Where's da 'el's REX?!

Vortex!Beamed 'em straight to, uh .. Nudnick: cloaked proximity V-MINES (science/s17.htm)! Six degrees starboard!!! Orders, S-S-SIR!?!

WHA?? When did Eridani invent VORTEX mines? Back us outa Mesene, Bully - NOW!


Nudnick, vortex field density exceedin' Chandrasekhar limit - OH MY GAWD! .. M-O-M-M-Y!

Bully . BULLY!!! Get a grip! BACK US OUT!


HIGH COMMANDER, ma engines can't take it - magnium decrystalization! The ship, s-s-sir, she'll BLOW! Sector :gi singularity causin' rotatin' accretion disk!

Where did you learn to fly, willet .. DID YOU SAY SECTOR :gi, Bully?!?

High Commander! LOOK - Port Indigo's event horizon!

Bully - Schwarzschild maneuver - 180 degrees! Warp 10 - NOW!


::: TQ401 Lecture :::

Essentially correct, King Manny - Horse Butte bugs designed Method Y's playhouse, based upon Newton's original theories. Questions?

Pseth - Port Orange upgraded my C-mail over the weekend (UB 15:9)! Didn't get the assignments!

Ok - just a sec .. Alana: you, Snowy Plover, King Manny, and (double) Agent Bollix will defend CephaLand against Caligastia's Team! Council will referee (rules/r03.htm) using Princess Laetitia, Newton, E. Lohim, and Agent Spoof! Other questions?

Who haven't we heard from? Snowy? Please explain SGC (spirit gravity corridors) to the class!

::: SGC :::

Hill Art Festival's colorless skit last eon led me - and eventually Princess Laetitia - to discover that we might not achieve exponential return from TLE (time-limited evil; UB 54:6) by appealing to just Uniramian feelings or intellect (UB 152:6)! Hence, TQ401 modified Newton's spirit "wheel" into a simple pyramid shaped playhouse!

Looking at it from above, team, the new playhouse sort of looks like a box! Cosmic engineering's a cinch! And navigating Euclidean space is supposed to make it conceptually easier to appeal to, and concentrate on the three basic steps up to robust God consciousness (UB 5:5)!

As TQ401's arias are sung at any point along the color axis, the SGC expands the apple's black and white origination point into a horizontal range of contiguous colors! Singing Alana's recitative from any note within the extended colors will project a vertical SGC from higher to lower notes along the musical axis, and thus intersect with ripe fruit at any horizontal color position!


Sure, Doc! Apples normally do not come into existence on upper CCA levels. However, using Prosenona's port map, or third level of the CCA maze, say that:

1) Apple eventuates just above the lower left corner in "ss" at :fr!
2) Apple hears and understands one of my arias ("fictional" truths), and
3) Apple transforms into Banana.
4) Banana moves through the SGC from "ss" to Port "06" at :fg.

First slide, mom? Thanks!
- - - - - - -

-R -O -Y- G- B- I- V
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F
00 00 03 dd 00 00 00 E
00 00 00 00 02 00 00 d
04 00 00 00 00 00 00 c :cr = Port Rose (04)
00 00 00 00 00 00 01 b
00 05 00 00 00 00 00 a :ao = Port Orange (05)
00 00 00 00 00 07 00 g :gi = Port Indigo (07)
ss ===> 06 00 00 00 f
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e
- - - - - - -

5) Alana, positioned at :Eg sings her recitative which,
6) Extends a vertical SGC downward to intersect with Banana at :fg.
7) As Banana transforms into Orange, it
8) hears "inspirational" music (spiritual corroboration) and,
9) moves up the SGC from Port "06" to destination "dd" at :Eg

Mom? Thanks!
- - - - - - -

-R -O -Y- G- B- I- V
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 F
00 00 03 dd 00 00 00 E
00 00 00 | 02 00 00 d
04 00 00 | 00 00 00 c :cr = Port Rose (04)
00 00 00 | 00 00 01 b
00 05 00 | 00 00 00 a :ao = Port Orange (05)
00 00 00 | 00 07 00 g :gi = Port Indigo (07)
00 00 00 06 00 00 00 f
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 e

How about the time-space axis, Snowy?

TQ420, Pseth - next semester!

::: TQ401 Tactical :::

Where's the Paracelsus?

Schade's ship was last scanned at sector :ao, demanding permission to enter Port Orange!

Waiting for the High Commander no doubt! Hmmm .. so where's Nudnick now?

Cloaked in Prosenona! Indigo Port Authority is sending a reply to your .. The minuet - it's beautiful, Pseth! Wait! Holonet Ztrans intercept .. deciphering .. Bollix is trying to contact General Caligastia!

Perfect! Let Bollix "intercept" these traceable refueling credits, Alana - but not for Indigo - Port Orange!

Hmmm .. says they're out of fuel, Pseth.

The J-11, please? Thanks, sweetheart!


"BOLLIX?" "[static] ..", "CALIGASTIA? S'that you?" "YEA, DUMB SHIT", "Port Orange transponder!" "[static] ..", "Wha? CALIGASTIA - We need fuel!" "BOLLIX!", "Minuet String Quartet No 3 in g!", "[static]",

<Click> ..

::: E. Lohim's Holoden Tour! :::

If we shift the lift cursor a wee bit to the left ..

Are we really IN the center of the ring, Ambassador Lohim?

It does seem that way, Sub Commander Spoof!

When it ran out of nuclear fuel, the star ejected its outer layers, which escaped most easily above its two poles, giving rise to Ring Nebula's cylindrical shape! Lyra's M57 is just one of our perfect models for Astrometrics.

(Experiencing vertigo, Spoof? .. Not NOW, E!!)

Eh-hem .. Excuse me? Bravuryyk's other Science decks, Ambassador?

Certainly, Princess! Hold on to the rail, ladies! Let's see, Ascension Show's on level "H" .. All Star Golf's on "E" .. mothership (EIE-5M multi-field speed gear drive) maintenance, MM101's in antimatter-shielded, level B ..

And Island Team's new CCA maze?


NEWTON! Click the lights, Einstein!

Under construction, Princess - heeeeere on level G! S'that where you wanted it?


Editor's note: Inside CCA's high tech control center (invisible from the lift), Toymaker requests that Laetitia whisper into Alana's Willet's spirit! In Rhom, Alana was tuned flawlessly to Laetitia's scintillating, puissant, space-time SGC! The pretty cosmic shorebird becomes aware of King Manny's former Queen Amadalu's farming predicament (poleshft/p28.htm; UB 31:3) on planet Barth!

Incidentally, Spoof and the Ambassador were aware (from a stint at OU last semester) that Amadalu was once a female on Uniramia! However, to complete Amadalu's next important STO spiritual lessons, the birthing envoys (beinghum/b20.htm) caused Amadalu to be incarnated as a male on Barth (; Hey, Bubba - you married to your Great, Great uncle Al?)!

Anyhooooo, while Spoof and E take holonotes, in the distance, Laetitia's sister gently chirps her recitative through a sweet sounding, vertical SGC into King Manny's sensitive spirit! King Manny, through a CCA-generated rainbow colored horizontal SGC, gives his former wife Amadalu the twice-a-day indoor garden, hydroponics secret (thub00.htm; UB 31:10)! - End of Editor's note.

You know, sweetheart - our Island team does that ALL the time! Just disappear!

- ??

In the LIFT, E?

- - -

To probe further: UB 5:1; "Ballet and Modern Dance", Susan Au, 1988; UB 53:3; Boccherini's "Minuet" in String Quartet No 5 in E, Op 13; CCA: Design and build System X, that eventuates experiential Method Y, that continually increases the enjoyment and satisfaction of existential love, raising and redefining the height of God's ultimate satisfaction, Z; density/d17.htm; Psalms 91; orientat/o39.htm; govmt/g22.htm, etc., and free online edutainment from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.

(On to next wacky sequel)

Spirit Gravity (back to top)

Definitions: 1) Service-to-Others (STO): awaken/a15.htm; John 15:12, 2) Service-to-Self (STS): rules/r04.htm; 3) Urantia Book (UB) references are [paper]:[section] - not Urantia Foundation's [page]:[sentence] format.

Please copy and paste the base URL located below along with partial links into your web browser's address bar for all web-based references. Enjoy!

::: Shadow Thinking :::

If "love is the secret of beneficial association between personalities" (UB 12:9), then just what are some identifiable characteristics of a kickass, loving relationship? Three salient parameters, the Thought Adjuster, God's love, and spirit gravity (UB 7:1) in the following conjecture are lumped together, represented herein as just one part, "Omega."

Please note that a shadow's attempted evaluation of its projected complex paranormal parameters may be lame, but combining existential, actual absolutes (UB 107:4) may help squeeze this next esoteric hypothesis into a brief space, suitable for Usenet.

::: Quality of Spiritual Growth :::

First of all, are some of us in denial, overwhelmed with paranormal associated with global warming (thub.htm)? Might positive aspects of weltschmertz - such as eschatological zeitgeist, Omega, etc., have no singular association in time with our approaching move to 4th density (density/d17.htm)?

Secondly, are certain types of "end-time" depression (Rev. 6:12-14) initiated as a result of misunderstanding our intimate, changing relationships? Will successfully extricating xenophobia (e.g., fear associated with ETs, crop circles, changing climate, etc.) from our lives in any way reduce anxiety?

Excercise - stay healthy!And lastly, will a reduction in anxiety reduce the cost of poor cosmic uplifting, increase the number of souls that do not dissipate (transfor/t09.htm; UB 31:3; Rev 3:16), hence eliminate wasted time and money chasing after insane solutions to prosaic, emotional growth?

::: Soul Food :::

Is it because of recent and powerful Lanaforge (UB 45:2; transfor/t16.htm) initiatives that many terrestrial STO wannabees are waking up - finally ready to think, research, and discover for themselves paranormal components of cosmic-infused, third-density existence? Is there a place where we can get the facts (awaken/a23.htm) to survive our worst fears, becoming instead cosmic gladiators - spiritual leaders - each reader becoming a hometown Moses of our "chief of ten million" inhabited world's unique period in space-time history (UB 119:8)?

::: Omega :::

Do we experience emotional discomfort from the manner in which Thought Adjusters operate to grow and direct us spiritually, via spirit gravity circuits, toward Paradise (UB 11) - like a thirsty plant leaning toward sunlight
( )?

What about this love triangle:

1. Sophia was born loving Deity (transfor/t54.htm), STO, but a little disheveled (orientat/o14.htm), and doesn't remember any pre-birth mumbo-jumbo.
2. Later, Sophia is having certain needs met in a close relationship with set Albert (a spouse, family/family member, or close friend, etc.).
3. Sophia is now becoming majorly dependant upon Albert (really Albert/Omega pair)!
4. For ostensible reasons Sophia/Omega, Albert/Omega, or Albert causes a breakup of the Sophia-(Albert/Omega) pair. Tears, sadness, or worse ..
5. Sophia is emotionally devastated - does not consciously detect Omega involvement (UB 109).
6. Sophia eventually finds - and is attracted to not quite as physically handsome Homer (really Homer/Omega)
7. With healing over time, Homer/Omega replaces Albert/Omega, while Sophia intentionally shoves Albert (and his insane 400x127mm catadioptric astronomical roof top reflector) in the back of her mind!
8. Repeat, using Sophia and Homer - many times - until Sophia understands, remembers, and detects Omega components.

What goes on spiritually speaking, within those often-inexplicable Sophia-Albert-Homer-Omega type lifecycles? Do even spiritual lightweights react strongly to, and in special cases consciously detect the Omega part of relationships?

::: Common Problem? :::

Naïve Sophia knows better, but evaluates the Sophia-Albert relationship with physical senses, outwardly oblivious to Omega, and attributes all manner of emotional (read: spiritual) gravity to Albert. Have they not yet acquired a level of God consciousness sufficient to detect purposeful, spiritually progressive, and tacit Omega involvement?

Would many of us, prior to soul-to-soul communications (visitatn/v33.htm), telepathy (orientat/o08.htm), and reading and internalizing paranormal concepts, be able to analyze and correctly detect Omega activity in our own Sophia-Albert-Homer life cycles? Is the Thought Adjuster of the person you love having a tête-à-tête with birthing envoys (transfor/t66.htm)? Shall humans become forever emotionally dependant upon the shadowy (3rd-density; UB 1:6) side of love affairs???

::: Expanded Consciousness :::

Can third density (density/d00.htm) scientific tools detect Deity? Is our often anti-paranormal, scientific establishment causing a lack of Omega awareness and therefore, low-density confusion and depression? Specifically, is harvest time (Mathew 24:31-51) diffidence in part caused by lack of God consciousness (UB 5:5)?

Nevertheless, if Sophia's life test is progressive (UB 100:3) and eventual identification of Omega components successful - will cosmic opportunity and greater spiritual growth result (transfor/t25.htm)? So? Any wacky, wildass options here?

Wouldn't it be interesting to have a brave and beautiful person to wake up every morning with during the transformation - face the "beginning" together? Then how about a creative (transfor/t05.htm), quiet, and romantic dinner with the love of your life's Thought Adjuster - tonight?
- - -

To probe further: UB 118:8 - Control and Over-control (when material achievement outruns the evolution of worship-wisdom, then does civilization contain within itself the seeds of retrogression); science/s21.htm (Mind/Body connection), Earthstewards Network, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110; transfot/t99.htm; UB 2:7 (cosmic truth, universe beauty, and divine goodness); Institute Of Noetic Sciences, Petaluma, CA 94952; visitatn/v20.htm; UB 111:7 - The Adjuster's Problem (training of an intellect annulled by the tendencies of instinct, etc.); govmt/g126.htm; short story "Devil or Angel," and free on-line edutainment from xenoclastic (Johnny), Usenet, 1998-2002.
- - -

Will we be like this forever, sweetheart? This analysis does not evaluate instances where Sue and Jon cut a pre-birth agreement with birthing envoys (transfor/t06.htm) to be born near each other and arrange to meet in third density forming a much sought, long-lasting bond. Empirical research for this post came in part from observation and evaluation of two friendships, one in the late 80's and another similar poignant experience within the past few years (A&L).

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