mammurabia Hammurabia!

One of ten judicial planetoids in stationary orbit around beautiful Splandaria. More...

Richard and Pseth hook up on Hammurabia, one of ten judicial planetoids in stationary orbit around gigantic Splandaria!
Schade N Freude's axis of evil battle valiantly against General Caligastia!
Port Cullis Fair
Ms. Kwid's Twin Reef rehearsals teach students how to dance!


angry judge Sky Court

Hammurabia's "Hammer" trials project unusual Sky Courts near crime scenes. No warning! More...

Sky Court
Cosmic manipulator Newton and his Hammurabia client prepare another surprise courtroom projection!
Fantasia troupe prepares last minute theater adjustments for their Annual show!
Seraphic Cafe
Get your caramel macchiato and take a window seat upstairs... Strap yourself in and prepare for mind-bending views from Seraphic Cafe!


octopus Surfin' the Helix!

Richard and Pseth attempt to cheat death as they swim directly into oncoming Nafanna's undersea erruption! More...

Surfin' the helix
Richard and Pseth don't follow Port Cullis' crowds to safety! Instead, Pseth leads them directly into the oncoming monstrous Nafanna's undersea eruption!
Last call folks!
Caligastia, Lieutenant Que, and Guinan meet aboard Zykor in 100 Forward's infamous holotub bar on its return from CephaLand!
Passing miraculously through the worst of the undersea lava eruption, Richard and his friend Pseth return back to separate assignments!



Reading a portion of's Rhom, Mesene, or Prosenona stories is rerequisite to understanding the metaphor and wacky characters in CephaLand. Read them here.

CephaLand shows how published xenoclastic stories will be (or have already been) reformated for easier comprehension - enjoy!