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Welcome! to (which forwards to the wild and wacky Xenoclastic universe! A fun place to kick back, relax, and enjoy some unusual edutainment! You probably won't see these crazy stories in your public library or mainline media anytime soon, but they are all right here for your private enjoyment! And remember - they're just stories!

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While reading, you may run across a word or two that you haven't seen before. Are they here to keep poor readers away?

Certain words help to expand your way of thinking - once you get to know their meaning! An expanded mind, like an an expanded vocabulary, may be a valuable resource in the next few years! For a variety of reasons, please consider looking up words, references, and web page links that you are not familiar with.

Next, pick up a few pointers on my imaginary TQ401 teams - then join a real team! Finally - dive in - to some stories that are simply out of this world !


It is O.K. to read the stories in the order as listed in the table below.
Or, jump to last story CephaLand and do your own research

Series Story Description
Sky #1 Spring Party Safari Interesting, creative family invitations.
Sky #1 STS ETs Exposed Local leaders of your STS ETs have been around a while ..
Sky #1 Teams Have your team members earned this much of your faith?
Sky #1 Three Pigs Same story with a missing twist!
Sky #1 Y3K Wacky plans for a millennial celebration - in 3000 AD!
Sky #2 Bully Willet Rhom Part 1: An STS shorebird goes to college
Sky #2 Cosmic Golf Golf played with planets!
Sky #2 Good Reverend Hypocrisy in church ..
Sky #3 Moo Moo's Farm A wacky classic about a praying mantis, cow, and a strange dinosaur!
Sky #3 Devil or Angel Sophia finally falls in love!
Sky #3 Council and Pseth Cosmic dudes talk it over!
Sky #3 Bug Garden Bugs that think of others as much as they think of themselves!
Universe #1 Ark Transmitter Was the Ark of the Covenant really a transmitter? Check it out!
Universe #1 Waking Up Is that YOUR alarm clock?
Universe #1 Cosmic Apartments For all of you who never learned to swim - great news!
Universe #1 Tax Breaks for 2003 Save on your taxes!
Universe #1 Managing Expectations Can we do better?
Universe #2 Challenge Can Humanity make the grade?
Universe #2 Lessons Learned What did we learn from Moses?
Universe #2 Can Zetas save you? Can ETs, or ANYBODY really "save" you?
Universe #2 Secret Garden Read this twice ..
Universe #2 Boot Camp Move out, troops!
Universe #3 The Dream Reincarnation - as an octopus?
Universe #3 Increasing ROI Great track-your-stocks program!
Universe #3 Mollusca Romance Do octopus fall in love?
Universe #3 Deep Reality Do realities overlap?
CCA CCA Maze Design your own solar system!
Cosmic #1 Snowy, Laetitia, Alana Rhom, Part 2: Shorebirds escape Fang!
Cosmic #1 Apple, Banana, Orange Phoebe's freaky dream!
Cosmic #1 Dream Princess Rhom, Part 3: Prepare for skits in CCA's CephaLand!
Cosmic #2 New Lease Let's negotiate!
Cosmic #2 Tango Contactee dance.
Cosmic #3 Eels Rule Mesene Part 1 - Moray and Gulper talk it over!
Cosmic #3 The Fair Mesene Part 2 - Alana gets "lucky"
Cosmic #3 Vortex Mesene Part 3 - Bully Willet earns his wings!
Cosmic #3 Spirit Gravity [under construction]
Cosmic #4 Dancin' Motherships Prosenona Part 1
Cosmic #4 Master Story Teller Latte, anyone?
Cosmic #4 Aquarius Prosenona Part 2
Waterworld CephaLand Prosenona Part 3



Story references include Zetatalk®, the bible, and the Urantia Book. Xenoclastic stories usually include only the extended URL for Zetatalk®. Readers may append the base URL to each web reference to examine the source (

Until 606 of 24 adopts "Urantia Standard Language", most of xenoclastic's Urantia Book references are in [paper]:[section number] format, whereas Urantia Foundation normally uses [page]:[sentence] format.

xenoclastic short stories use quotations from The Urantia Book, ©1955 Urantia Foundation, 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago, Illinois 60614; +1-773-525-3319;; all rights reserved.

The views expressed in this work are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Urantia Foundation or its affiliates;, © Copyright 1995-2000 or its affiliates; 606 of 24 or its affiliates; Council of Worlds or its affiliates; Uversa or its affiliates (UB 15:10).

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